LEWISTON – A man dressed in black, driving an older black Ford Crown Victoria sedan with a prisoner cage on the window, similar to an unmarked police car, was stopped and cited by Niagara County sheriff’s deputies for following another vehicle too closely Monday afternoon at Saunders Settlement and Chew roads.

Deputies said the driver, Mark A. Ryan, appeared to have been trying to read the license plate number on the vehicle ahead of him.

Deputies said Ryan, whose age and address were not released, remains under investigation.

They said he was driving a car with rear deck lights like those found in unmarked police vehicles, a four channel police radio and siren.

They said he had a straight baton, a security badge secured to the front of his wallet and a Glock 26 pistol in a holder on his waist. He said he had permission to carry it as a security officer, according to investigators.

He told deputies he been given the car by his former employer at a security company.

The owner of the security company said the man had worked for him but denied giving the car to him.

The car was impounded by the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies found that one of the radios was able to receive police dispatch channels throughout Western New York.

There was also a speaker in the car that activated emergency sirens, along with Velcro patches worn by officers as well as a business card that included his name and identified him as an armed officer.

According to deputies, the Erie County Pistol Permit Office said the man had been issued a restricted permit for target practice and hunting only and was not authorized to carry a firearm for work.