New Snyder hotel poses safety risk to neighbors

A recent letter complained about the group protesting the Hyatt Place in Snyder. I felt compelled to let the writer know precisely why so many of us who share a property line with the proposed development are against it.

There are those who have both environmental and best use of land issues with the project, to be sure. The green space that is home to a collection of deer, fox, heron and other wildlife will surely be destroyed if the project goes through, and there are already close to 1,000 guest rooms within a 5-mile radius of the proposed site. But that is not what has many of us so fiercely opposed to the Hyatt’s construction.

The fact is the hotel poses a significant and unnecessary security risk to the families that reside closest to it. This will be a 77-foot tall, 87,000-square-foot complex with hundreds of windows that will offer unfiltered visual access by a large, unidentified, transient population directly into the back yards where our children play. Rather than locate the hotel directly on Main Street, where the safety risk could be lessened, the developer – in order to maximize profit – has placed the hotel as close to surrounding residences as the zoning code will permit.

Almost as upsetting is the fact that in order to submit such a site plan for town approval, the developer first had removed a more than 40-year-old height restriction on the land that would have limited its height no more than 34 feet. The restriction was the protection that we relied on when we designed our yards where we knew our kids would spend much of their outdoor time.

Karen Butler