Insurance companies must do their part, too

I read with interest the Another Voice by Michael Cropp, CEO of Independent Health, which encouraged us to take an active role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While I wholeheartedly agree with this approach to heathy living, I also recognize that, for some, the assistance of doctors and medication is necessary to maintain good health.

I know firsthand, through a granddaughter with a fairly rare illness, the incredible improvement in quality of life that occurs when the proper treatment and medications are found. Unfortunately, I also know firsthand that insurance companies are still profit-making ventures. If there is any way to avoid payment for medications necessary to a healthy lifestyle, insurance companies will issue a denial of payment. Insurance companies are adept at identifying technicalities that get them off the hook. For example, a medication that normally qualifies for coverage is denied because it requires compounding for a particular patient. The afflicted, whose life could be vastly improved, continues to suffer because of a technicality, but company profits increase. Would an insurance company that is truly interested in prevention, such as Independent Health, issue a denial? Isn’t it cost-effective to keep patients well and out of hospitals with proper treatment?

Let us recognize this column for what it is – an advertisement for Independent Health, albeit a clever, subliminal ad, no different from the solicitations I receive in the mail weekly. Cropp encourages us to do our part. I encourage the insurance companies to do theirs.

Richard Cohen

Orchard Park