Cities now feeling effects of terrible busing policy

I have heard several comments in the media recently regarding the failure of the Buffalo Public Schools. I have also heard comments that the Buffalo inner city and cities throughout the country, such as Detroit, have been abandoned by the middle and upper middle class flight to the suburbs, leaving mostly the poor and working poor behind, along with the destruction of the tax base.

As a firm believer in the laws of cause and effect and unintended consequences, I wonder where some of these social commentators were in the 1970s when the great busing debate was raging. Most middle-class parents who could fled the cities to the suburbs to avoid the busing of their children. Now I think we can observe the results of this migration, which included many well-paid city employees. Where are the busing advocates now? Oh, they are the ones complaining about the middle-class flight.

Also, the 40 languages being spoken at one of the failing high schools astounds me. Who is sponsoring these refugees and immigrants to come to one of the poorest cities in the country? Shouldn’t these sponsors take the responsibility of at least teaching these children English and supporting them? Are these families being sent directly to social services? A comment was made on a radio talk show observing that when you walk through the halls of this school, you rarely hear the English language being spoken.

Of course an educational failure is taking place; cause and effect. I think it is time for The News to do a major series on who is sponsoring these refugees and immigrants and whether they are taking any responsibility for their well being once the children get here.

Lou Speranza