Niagara Falls police arrested five people over the past week for selling drugs, Detective David LeGault said Friday.

Edward H. Weston, 60, of Welch Avenue, was charged with illegal possession of a controlled substance and illegal possession of marijuana, according to police. Investigators said he had sold at least 90 Oxycodone pills from a personal prescription over the course of a week.

On Hyde Park Boulevard, Adaberto Olivieri-Perez, 22, was arrested for the same two crimes. He was selling heroin, marijuana and prescription pills, authorities said, and he was found with 119 pills of different type, all illegally obtained, according to LeGault. He was jailed over a month ago for the same crimes, LeGault added.

Frank D. Murphy, 28, of Walnut Avenue, was found on Ferry Avenue selling crack cocaine out of a wheelchair, police said. He also had a loaded .22-caliber revolver, according to officials. He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

On Wednesday, two were arrested in separate incidents for selling crack. Lysander C. Scott, 28, of Willow Avenue, was found with two and a half ounces of crack and cocaine and two handguns, a loaded .38-caliber revolver and a loaded semiautomatic handgun, LeGault said. And Diquan D. Williams, of Forest Avenue, was found with a small amount of marijuana and is accused of selling it and crack out of his house, according to police.

None of the incidents appeared to be related, LeGault said.