• 3223 Northway Drive, Sharon A. Lowman; Paul T. Lowman to Zelda Hillman, $72,000.


• 407 Harper Drive, Wieland Kaphingst; Anne Marie Kaphingst to Christopher M. Sicoli; Heather L. Sicoli, $154,500.

• Townline Road, James D. Ditzel; Sallie J. Ditzel to Marnie Aldrow, $112,000.

• Ridge Road, Mary Confer; Samuel Confer; Susan Confer; Irvin L. Confer to Donald A. Demaison, $63,000.

LOCKPORT Highest price: $190,000 Average price: $76,923 Median price: $62,000 Number of Sales: 13

• Euclid Ave., Lindsay C. Harrer; Brian J. Harrer to Janet E. Campagna, $190,000.

• West Ave., Teg Car Wash to Joseph Shugats, $150,000.

• Howard Ave., Jerry D. Roberts; Michael F. Campbell to Joseph Shugats, $120,000.

• East Ave., Joyce Elaine Andrews; Linda Dixon-Muscarella to Norma Jean Ryan, $80,000.

• Transit St., Farideh Chubineh to RMFSG Llc, $75,000.

• 283 South St., Jeremy Kaiser; George Reed; Jeremy J. Kaiser to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $62,997.

• South St., Ashley C. Quast; Ashley C. Oakes; Steven C. Quast to Beverly P. McDonough, $62,000.

• Elmwood Ave., Allen F. Penwright to Woodbridge Property Group, $44,000.

• Erie St., Allen F. Penwright to Woodbridge Property Group, $44,000.

• Lewis St., Allen F. Penwright to Woodbridge Property Group, $44,000.

• Niagara St., Allen F. Penwright to Woodbridge Property Group, $44,000.

• Olcott St. & Adams St., Allen F. Penwright to Woodbridge Property Group, $44,000.

• Minard St. & South Transit St., James E. Condon to James M. Condon, $40,000.


• Chestnut Ridge Road, Angelo J. Campagna to Jocelyn Arroyo; Armando Arroyo, $400,000.

• Robinson Road, Karen Joslin; Jeffrey R. Joslin to Oyk Llc, $258,000.

• Lockhaven Estates Condo/Unit 3, Paul Prohaska; Lucy Prohaska to Thomas Cina, $218,000.

• Jennifer Drive West, Brian M. Sibiga to Kathleen M. Fenske; Richard P. Fenske, $115,000.

• 7077 Tonawanda Creek Road, William C. Stockwell; Renee D. Stockwell to Kimberly S. Stockwell, $70,000.

• Lockport-Junction Road, Jeremy C. Schreiber; Megan E. Schreiber; Cleveland A. Schreiber to Megan C. Meister, $55,000.


• Gow Road, Marylou Winquist; Richard D. Winquist to Darryl Winquist, $24,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $363,000 Average price: $52,175 Median price: $29,000 Number of Sales: 26

• 3rd St., Arguy Properties to Niagara Executive Suites, $363,000.

• 3rd St., Agnes Yuen Wah Wong to R.J. Gullo Properties No. 2 Inc., $150,000.

• Parkway Condo/Unit 802, Jennifer Smith; Mary Frances Dell; John W. Daloise; Anne M. Brophy to Michelle A. Rotella, $88,000.

• 2724 Pine Ave., James L. Fasciano to American Sci-Tech Llc, $70,000.

• Buffalo Ave. & 3rd St. Parkway Condo/Unit 608, Christine So to Craig E. Avery, $68,500.

• 543 59th St., Roberta Lew to Robert Maines; Nicole Maines, $58,000.

• 1142 Garrett Ave., Julie Dorsey; Douglas Dorsey to Amy V. Deacon; Shawn E. Baker, $57,000.

• 28th St., Dianne Ziuko; Kevin Stanisz to Julia D. Titterington, $53,198.

• 2415 Lasalle Ave., Keith A. Canazzi to Nanotyrannus Homes, $47,000.

• Stephenson Ave., Joan M. Forese to Halina Butski, $40,000.

• 422 24th St., Kevlola Llc to Return On Rentals, $33,500.

• MacKenna Ave., Terrance J. Franckowiak to Beatrice A. Otchwemah, $32,000.

• 411 16th St., Wing Properties to Solomons New York Investments, $29,500.

• 2217 Lasalle Ave., Keith A. Canazzi to David and Lesley Raz Llc, $28,500.

• Ontario Ave., Vennie Pearl Moore to Center City Neighborhood Development Corp., $27,548.

• 36th St., Kathryn Serianni; John Serianni to Nicole Allan; William Allan, $26,000.

• 1558 Willow Ave., Lucien Fazzino to Ray K. Johnson, $25,000.

• Buffalo Ave. & 3rd St., JFD Holdings to Gerald Skrlin, $25,000.

• 1027 South Ave., Dora Properties to Inbal Maoz, $23,500.

• 1113 South Ave., Kevlola Llc to Return On Rentals, $23,000.

• 78th St., Susan M. Fellows to Ian Carr, $22,000.

• 3031 Panama St., Wallace J. Rowell to Philip J. Sembert, $18,500.

• 9012 & 9018 South Military Road, Rockweese Construction Corp.; Rockweese Construction Inc. to B&T Mang Inc., $18,500.

• Ontario Ave., William R. Brown; Blanca R. Brown to Roderick L. Vails, $11,000.

• 5th St. & Ferry Ave., John L. Manzell; Ursula F. Mangel to Dennis Thuman, $10,000.

• 355 71st St., EH Pooled 1112 Lp to James M. Costanza, $8,300.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $235,000 Average price: $126,380 Median price: $129,953 Number of Sales: 8

• Wilson Ave., Eric J. Kolenko to MTC Toys USA Properties Inc., $235,000.

• Fairmont Ave., Phuong Hoang to Alexander Seredin; Mona A.W. Seredin, $154,000.

• Falconer St., Emily L. Skuce to Jeffrey J. Burdo, $140,500.

• 959 Remington Drive, Kerry S. Tilley; Kerry S. Lombardo to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $136,205.

• Meadow Drive South, Kenneth W. Gilliland; Geraldine Y. Gilliland to Thomas J. Burge; Katherine G. Lacey, $123,700.

• Moll St., Richard C. Tussing; Barbara A. Saieva to Andrew M. Lettieri, $82,500.

• 375 Rumbold Ave., Keith Chaplin; Philip Rose; Susan Rose; Susan H. Rose; Keith C. Rose; Keith C.P. Rose to Fannie Mae, $70,635.

• Pierce Ave., Linda L. Pike; Linda L. Graf to Todd C. Garrity, $68,500.


• Townline Road, Crestview Property Holdings to Mark Wochadlo, $69,900.


• Lake Road, Crestview Property Holdings to Michael Leslie Erskine, $174,900.


• Mallard Court, Rose Ann Grimaldi; John J. Grimaldi to Robert Arbeiter; Donna Arbeiter, $235,000.

• Deborah Lane, Hardeep Singh; Ravinder Pawar to Kyle E. Kabel, $140,000.

• Ward Road, Betty Cash; Betty Cash Willis; Harold Pankow; Jennis Pankow; Robin Pankow to Jeffrey Neuman; Jessica L. Neuman, $71,000.

• Ashwood Drive, Vanderbilt Properties Inc. to Dolores Keetch; Laurence Keetch, $45,000.


• Randall Road, Kathleen K. Covatta; Richard B. Covatta to Fannie Mae, $282,629.

• Town Line Road, Peter J. Marotta to Justin N. Held; Jamie A. Held, $104,000.

• 207 Lake St., Fannie Mae to John S. Murawski Jr., $32,500