• Saunders Settlement Road, Patricia A. McCabe to Warren F. Glover, $18,000.


• Ridge Road, Kenneth Dietl; Alessandra R. Volpe to Nicholas M. Jordan, $106,000.


• Military Road, Federighe Properties to Niagara Falls Bridge Commission, $1,700,000.

• Country Club Trail, John A. Difiore to Michele Viglucci; Andrew M. Viglucci, $580,000.

• 250 South 4th St., Holly M. McDonald; Aaron D. McDonald to Jessica Carroll; Justin T. Ernst, $214,000.

• Chicora Drive, Chicora Drive Development to Thomas J. Cecula; Vita B. Cecula, $52,000.


• Lincoln Ave., Meghan H. Vavalle; Marc A. Vavalle to Michelle Bensman; Matthew Saunderson, $173,000.

• Hyde Park, J. Michael Diemert; Douglas N. Diemert; Jacqueline R. Meyer; Paul E. Diemert; Susan M. Carabello; Susan M. Diemert to Elizabeth A. Stadlmeir, $98,000.

• Waterman St., William H. Howell; Janet M. Howell to Erica J. Delahunt, $85,000.

• North Transit St. & Bayright St. & Hill St., Kenneth Howard; Maria Howard to Gicela Y. Ruiz, $67,500.

• Hyde Park, Susan Diemert; Susan Carabello to Elizabeth A. Stadlmeir, $13,990.

TOWN OF LOCKPORT Highest price: $244,900 Average price: $115,728 Median price: $109,500 Number of Sales: 12

• Sebastian Drive, Christopher Farley; Tracy Farley to Holly L. Staley; Ezra J. Staley, $244,900.

• Rebecca Road, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Lynne C. Spalla, $198,340.

• Badger Road, Rosemary G. Badger; Margaret B. Magno to Sherry Ann Oddo, $175,000.

• Northledge Drive, Kathleen D. Sager; Henry A. Sager to Timothy F. Cleary; Sylvia M. Cleary, $141,500.

• Northview Drive, Richard J. Lahrs; Linda D. Lahrs to Corinne F. Cleri, $130,000.

• Aaron Drive, Jean L. Wylucki; Jean L. Bowman to Gretchen Olson; Scott J. Olson, $122,000.

• West Jackson St., Kathleen Cogovan; Norman Alexander Puff; Norman Puff to Brian J. Stefanko; Dana L. Stefanko, $97,000.

• Bear Ridge Road, Warren L. Jacus to Eric P. Kieffer, $95,000.

• Worthington Ridge Condo/Unit 4803-C, Cambridge Drive, Kelley T. Maddow; Michael O. Thompson; Patricia O. Thompson to Dennis R. MacDonald; Roberta R. MacDonald, $82,000.

• Worthington Ridge Condo/Unit 4803-1, Cambridge Drive, Paul A. Reid to Gayle A. Chamberlin, $73,000.

• Badger Road & Locust St.., Rosemary G. Badger; Margaret B. Magno to Faith Tryon; Ronald J. Tryon, $20,000.

• Ridge Road, Daniel P. Pogorzala to Robert I. Bearfield, $10,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $215,000 Average price: $70,950 Median price: $57,360 Number of Sales: 18

• Council St., Sonia M. Alaimo to Christine Barstys; Ronald Barstys, $215,000.

• Beechwood Circle, Michelle A. Lewis; Jessica C. Campbell-Lewis; Jessica C. Campbell to Christina Ambrosia; Jeffrey Ambrosia, $163,000.

• 449 Vanderbilt Ave., Henry Ralph Dombrowski; Agnes G. Dombrowski to Garrison Melford, $141,500.

• Morley Ave., Mara Rose Slipko-Neville; Peter Q. Neville to Ryan T. Edwards, $132,500.

• Cleveland Ave., Marie I. Leblanc; Marie I. Felicetti to Erika R. Wenzke, $91,000.

• 79th St., Karen E. Croisdale to Paula S. Croisdale; Damon C. Croisdale, $73,125.

• Cudaback Ave., Paraskevi Pollakis to Piffy Llc, $70,000.

• Richmond Ave., Michelle Lynn Moore; Michelle Lynn Haseley; Michelle Moore; Evan Haseley to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $67,499.

• 73rd St., Maxwell D. Kortum; Carol A. Kortum to Richard A. Grace, $65,720.

• 3234 72nd St., Marian J. Edwards to Joseph Vekich, $49,000.

• Orleans Ave., Dawn Harris; Amanda Davis to William B. Bell, $47,500.

• Wildwood Acres Condo I/Unit 4931 Tuscarora Road, Pasquale Lopatriello to Chris J. Washburn, $45,000.

• Memorial Parkway, Kevlola Llc to William Payne; Equity Trust Co., $30,500.

• 529 61st St., Citimortgage Inc. to Charles Gaughan, $23,000.

• MacKenna Ave., Stefan J. Kielbasa; Mark A. Kielbasa to Mark A. Kielbasa, $19,000.

• 10th St. & Ferry Ave., Michael Greenawalt to US Bank, $15,000.

• Falls St., Richard J. Papiernik; Joan C. Papiernik to KC Erie Niagara Properties, $15,000.

• 79th St., Steven Milliken; Janet Milliken to KC Erie Niagara Properties, $13,750.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $522,000 Average price: $123,852 Median price: $91,000 Number of Sales: 17

• 76 84 90 Robert Drive, William G. Young to Guy P. Palmiero; Josefa A. Palmiero, $522,000.

• 70 Robert Drive, William G. Young to Guy P. Palmiero; Josefa A. Palmiero, $174,000.

• Oliver St., James E. Durkee to Oliver Street Llc, $165,000.

• 1200 Master St., First Niagara Bank to Arnold Collier III; Stephanie L. Collier, $150,000.

• Harvard Ave., Mary E. Corcoran; James P. Corcoran to Allen R. Filarecki; Leah K. Filarecki, $124,500.

• Fairfax Ave., James F. Quinn; Eileen V. Quinn to Steven J. Dasta, $121,000.

• Brundage Ave., John Bailey; Esther M. Bailey; John A. Bailey to Richard E. Schulz, $102,000.

• Spruce St., William N. Fisher Jr.; Judith A. Fisher to Amanda Waschensky, $97,500.

• Moll St., June Ann Nash; Anthony D. Nash; June A. Nash to Peter J. Baich; Kathleen J. Baich, $91,000.

• Erie Ave. & Sherwood Ave., Tracy L. Schultz; Peter J. Hoover; Carl P. Hoover to Paul A. Hoover; Candice A. Salczynski, $90,000.

• Gilmore Ave. & Lindsay Place, Jean Murphy to Kyle Martin Yanacek, $85,000.

• 6th Ave., Nicole Ziots; Justin Karcher to James E. Mauck, $74,900.

• Niagara St., Robert J. Thomson; Deborah L. Thomson to Roger H. Schlee; Rachel C. Schlee, $72,500.

• Robinson St., Jeremy Semelsberger to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $68,400.

• Adelaide Place & Warner Ave., Andrey Ilyenko to William P. Keefe Jr., $68,000.

• Bryant St., Mark A. Andrews; Irene S. Andrews to NT Port I Llc, $52,500.

• 1149 Sherwood Ave., Joseph Basile to Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, $47,181.


• Paddock Ridge, Holly L. Staley; Ezra J. Staley to Walter J. Wojtanowski III; Barbara L. Wojtanowski, $435,000.

• 4567 Beach Ridge Road, Julie Wurtenberger-Beutel; Richard J. Beutel; Julie Wertenberger-Beutel to Eli J. Thompson, $144,000.

• Tonawanda Creek Road, Gary W. Craig; Lucy M. Craig to Matthew Donahue, $135,000.


• 999 Balmer Road, Melrose MHP Llc to UMH Melrose Llc, $1,445,000.

• Oak St., Amy L. Coykendall; William M. Coykendall to Cynthia Snow; Robert A. Snow, $156,250.

• Lake Road, 2457 Inc. to Angelo J. Morinello, $100,000.

• 1577 Lake Road, Allison B. Godsoe; Kyle R. Andrews to Peggy L. Phillips; Michael W. Phillips, $38,500.


• Royalton Center Road, Colleen M. Landen; Kevin M. Gaskill; Colleen M. Gaskill to Paige L. Dutcher, $70,000.

• South Vernon St., Betty W. Querns; Robert W. Querns to Timothy J. Miller; Amanda S. Miller, $59,575.

• Vernon St. & Front St., Kathi Duff; Renee Fiorentini to Village of Middleport, $5,000.


• 3713 Culpepper Drive, Dale S. Bayone; James J. Bayone Jr. to Aaron C. Mierzwa; Janelle L. Cardamone, $286,000.

• Brandywine Road, GMD Development to Richard N. Schwock; Joan H. Schwock, $284,340.

• Cayuga St., Cheryl A. Agnello to John W. Swift; Ann M. Swift, $225,000.

• Norman Road, Joelle R. Kott to Midfirst Bank, $124,144.

• Lockport Road, Darlene J. Forsythe; Wilfred L. Smith to 3956 Lockport Road Llc, $95,000.

• Ward Road, Betty J. Quaintance to Jeremy M. Beasley, $93,800.

• 7022 Townline Road, Jack L. Mitchell; Edward J. Mitchell to Daniel S. Murray, $40,000.


• Beebe Road, Robert L. Mele; Lynda S. Haner-Mele to Theresa M. Reagan; Peter B. Reagan, $17,000.