• Hartland St., Braden Litchfield; Ricky L. Litchfield to Jeremy L. Meyer, $80,000.

• Orangeport Road, Walter Burdett Jr. to Karen Burdett; Zachary J. Bailey, $50,000.


• Michelle Court, Margo K. Spring; Dean W. Spring to Julie Donnelley; Steven John Donnelley, $276,000.

• 2921 Upper Mountain Road, Michael S. Quaglia to Alden State Bank, $180,314.

• Simmons Road, Margaret Vorpahl; Margaret A. Meyer to Philip John Frusti, $152,000.

• 5th St., Patricia L. Brzusek; Daniel A. Brzusek to Martha Spetla, $111,500.

LOCKPORT Highest price: $170,000 Average price: $71,427 Median price: $63,750 Number of Sales: 8

• 166 Lincoln Ave., Ruthann F. Foley to David Yang; Canandaigua National Bank, $170,000.

• Pine St., Gregory N. Lipski to James P. Fox, $131,300.

• 81 Rogers Ave., Nancy Degener; Dean Degener to American General Mortgage Loan, $82,612.

• East Union St. & Howard Ave., Thea H. Brandt; Albert R. Brandt Jr. to Marcell T. Taylor, $80,000.

• Outwater Drive, Erin Rumsey; Amanda Rumsey; Mary C. Rumsey to Jane Wiech, $47,500.

• 81 Rogers Ave., American General Mortgage Loan to Crestview Property Holdings, $32,000.

• Church St., Estella Seifert; Estella O. Siefert; Estella O. Seifert; Kathleen I. Nolan to David S. Herl, $20,000.

• Adam St. & Chestnut St., Michael J. Houghton Sr.; Michael J. Houghton Jr. to RPH Properties Inc., $8,000.


• Van Horn, Kristen Andrews; Chad L. Andrews to Judith A. Naylor; Jessica N. Condes, $72,300.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $200,000 Average price: $62,154 Median price: $41,000 Number of Sales: 13

• 3rd St. & Ferry Ave., Paul J. Morreale; James P. Kehoe to 223 Ferry Avenue Partners, $200,000.

• Theresa Lane, Jordan W. Schmidtke to Tina L. Baker; Michael L. Baker, $159,000.

• 92nd St., Kenneth W. Smith to Dana Burwell; David M. Burwell, $93,496.

• North Ave., Sally C. Desantis; Donald V. Desantis to Cynthia Ciccarelli, $67,000.

• 29th St., Elisabetta Strangio; Francesco Strangio to Lee R. Celano; Josephine A. Celano, $51,000.

• River Road Sutton Place, Condo Building 2/Unit 21, Joyce M. Soluri to Patrick H. Gabriel, $45,000.

• East Falls St., Terrance J. Franckowiak to Base Properties, $41,000.

• Welch Ave., Terrance J. Franckowiak to Yellow Door Properties Inc., $33,000.

• 3240 Belden Place, KC Buffalo Enterprises to Rock It Homes, $28,500.

• 16th St., Jason F. Caprio to Angelo R. Morinello; James R. Caprio, $28,000.

• 2216 Cudaback Ave., Equity Trust Co.; Kevin Seaman to Silver Tie Homes, $25,500.

• 7th St. & Pine Ave., Chris Plennert; Denise J. Plennert to Wing Properties, $19,500.

• 15th St., Megan L. Keller-Clarke; Bruce G. Keller-Clarke to Danny Pressley; Christian Jackson, $17,000.


• Stenzel St., Michael P. Loncar Sr.; Michael P. Loncar Jr. to Krzysztof Merkel; Martha Merkel, $132,000.

• Ironton St., Janelle L. Posch; Robert R. Cooper; Janelle L. Cooper to Robyn L. Matteson, $66,000.

• 437 Kohl St., Karen Dipalma; Karen Depalma; Karen Caufield; Shirley F. Hahn to Wells Fargo Financial Credit Services Inc., $57,714.


• Beach Ridge Road, Robert Miller; Esther A. Miller; Clarence R. Miller to Craig M. Dangelo, $70,000.


• Carrollwood Court, John Bis; Rosemary Gavigan Bis to Susan R. Collyer; John P. Collyer, $215,000.

• Youngstown Lockport Road, Constance R. Carter to Ruth Licht; John Licht, $78,100.

• 1500 Lake Road, Joseph Antonucci to Peter A. Rudnicki, $25,000.


• State St. & Alfred St., Wendy N. Gypson; Lowell H. Gypson to Tracy L. Wood, $114,480.

• West Ave., Timothy L. McCreary; Heather K. McCreary to Erica L. Posey, $74,000.


• 7283 Erica Lane, Anthony T. Thompson to Cheryl A. Woelffel; Carl E. Woelffel, $207,500.


• Youngstown-Lockport Road, Kirk A. Sikora to Kristine O’Donnell; Craig O’Donnell, $275,000.