• Upper Mountain Road, Samuel G. Williams; Catherine G. Williams to Thomas M. Williams, $110,000.

• Saunders Settlement Road, Korry L. Krull; Robert D. Krull to Dawn Y. Princess-Ryan; John K. Ryan, $30,000.


• Stone Road, Gary W. Miller; Deborah M. Stewart; Betty L. Miller to Christina R. Wilhelm, $95,000.


Highest price: $485,000 Average price: $210,633 Median price: $144,000 Number of Sales: 5

• Lower River Road, Isabel Joan Ward; I Joan Ward; Alan Ward to Kevin Berman; Lisa A. Berman, $485,000.

• 2101 Langdon Road, Stanley A. Janda to HSBC Bank, $197,163.

• Unit #740 Townhouses At Hillview, Susan Sze to Joanne M. Zucco-Paonessa, $144,000.

• Mohawk St., Katherine Bonenti; Charles Bonenti; Helen K. Bonenti to Dawn Roberts, $115,000.

• 2nd St., Janine L. Daley; Stephanie J. Daley to Diane V. Daley, $112,000.


• Akron St., Douglas J. Weir; Sandra W. Gallagher to Susan M. Parker; Randall J. Parker, $108,500.

• 137 Vermont Ave., Brian Lebere to Dale R. Livergood, $107,500.

• Summer St., Jason P. Graves to Brianna M. Staples, $70,000.

• Niagara St., Jamie B. Slingerland to Edward N. Daigler; Emma M. Daigler, $58,000.

• Washington St., Merrily Kuhn; Allen Vaillancourt to Antwone Leslie, $50,000.


• 1627 Lockport-Olcott Road, Karry A. Reabold; Andrew A. Reabold to M&T Bank, $155,390.

• Hess Road, Dale Brittin; Shirley Brittin to Nathan R. Verhague; Julianna B. Verhague, $65,000.

• Main St. & Erie Ave., Blanche L. Marshall; Cloyd C. Marshall to Richard Kenneth Regling III; Amanda M. Jones, $20,000.


• Packard Road, John M. Iorfida; Frank R. Iorfida to Donald H. Greer, $144,800.

• Hennepin Ave & Rivershore Drive, William Riggi III to Christopher M. Hogenmiller, $122,000.

• Cayuga Drive, Vincent Muto; Christine A. Muto to Matthew P. Mergel; Amanda L. Thompson, $112,500.

• Colvin Blvd., Linda A. Lee to Dominic M. Manfredo Jr., $94,500.

• Lasalle Ave., KC Erie Niagara Properties Llc to Mathnori Property Llc, $26,000.

• Niagara Ave., Christina Lewis; David Lewis to Joshua Herbig; Stephanie Herbig, $25,000.

• Haeberle Ave., Munira Hyder; Syed Jalal Hyder to Shelly Reed, $13,500.


• Selkirk Drive, Amy J. Daigler; John R. Daigler to Melissa Endres; Stephen A. Endres, $195,000.

• Madison Ave & East Robinson St., Sarita Holmes to Zhiying Chen; Mark L. Demarie, $89,500.

• Robinson St., Antoinette M. Goodman; Richard J. Goodman; Richard C. Goodman to Brian T. Hammond; Judith A. Hammond, $85,000.

• 643 Oliver St., Daryl Truty to Todd W. Bush, $83,000.

• Fillner Ave., Brian T. Hammond to Joseph A. Sarzyniak, $82,000.

• William St., G T Custom Built Homes Inc to Alfred P. Herpin; Anna F. Herpin, $30,000.

• William St., Gertom Llc to G T Custom Built Homes Inc, $12,000.


• 6760 Aiken Road, Jacqueline J. Larsen to Michelle Brownschidle; David Brownschidle, $285,000.

• Aiken Road, Jennifer L. Steiner; Joshua C. Steiner to Brian C. Hahn; Danielle R. Hahn, $140,000.


• Parkdale Ave., Roderick B. Brennan; Patricia A. Brennan to John F. Sweeney, $185,000.

• 3835 Ransomville Road, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Anthony Presutti, $51,000.


• 8807 Fisk Road, Karen R. Donner; James H. Donner Jr. to Sara A. Bender, $148,900.

• Manor Lane, Linda C. Drum to Douglas L. Baehr; Linda C. Drum; Jane E. Stanley, $45,978.

• Royalton Center Road, Marina Middione Marletta; Marina Middione; Angela Nagele to Larry Stoltzenberg; Melanie Stoltzenberg, $18,000.

• Royalton Center Road, Robert I. Craft; Patricia M. Craft to Carole George; Timothy S. George, $17,000.


• Green Valley Lane, Susan M. Parker; Randall J. Parker to Justin L. Nagy; Kiersten E. Nagy, $185,500.

• Academy Lane Court, Walter J. Dlugosz Jr. to William K. Morehouse; Brenda M. Gearhart, $101,000.

• Purdy Road, Mark A. Cocco to Daryl Ubiles; Samantha M. Slocum, $75,000.


• Packard Road, John M. Iorfida; Frank R. Iorfida to Donald H. Greer, $144,800.


• Harding Ave., Michael P. Winter to Andrew G. Zupa; Virginia A. Zupa, $20,000.