If your New Year’s resolution is to change jobs this year, consider this ranking of least-stressful jobs.

In a new ranking for 2014, looked at 200 careers and weighed all sorts of factors that contribute to worker stress: travel (lots of travel increases stress), meeting the public (introverts, beware), and whether a job puts your life or that of others at risk (a no-brainer).

Other factors included deadlines, environmental conditions and physical demands. The careers website cautioned that there are no stress-free jobs – every occupation has its own challenges, but nonetheless here are the top 10 least-stressful jobs:

10. Drill press operator

9. Multimedia artist

8. Librarian

7. Medical records


6. Dietitian

5. Seamstress or tailor

4. Tenured university


3. Jeweler

2. Hair stylist

1. Audiologist, which

diagnoses and treats

hearing problems.

Which jobs are the most stressful? The ones where risk of death are highest, apparently.

Here’s a rundown of the most stressful:

10. Taxi driver

9. Police officer

8. Newspaper


7. Senior corporate


6. Public relations


5. Event coordinator

4. Airline pilot

3. Firefighter

2. Military general

1. Enlisted military