NEW YORK – A New York City woman, asked by her boyfriend to take care of his 4-year-old child while he was in jail, instead tortured and starved the boy for at least two weeks until she watched him die, a prosecutor said Friday.

Authorities detailed the horrific case for the first time at the initial court appearance for Kryzie King, who was charged with assault, reckless endangerment and unlawful imprisonment in the death of Myls Dobson.

The boy died Wednesday after King called 911 to report he had suffered a fall in her Manhattan apartment. But once confronted with evidence of burn marks, cuts and bruises all over the boy’s body, she admitted the abuse, police said.

“By the defendant’s own admission, she watched him starve,” Assistant District Attorney Nicole Blumberg said while arguing for no bail in criminal court in Manhattan. “She watched Myls die right in front of her.”

The medical examiner was still trying to determine the cause of death, but Blumberg said that murder charges were likely.

King, 27, remained in custody after a judge set bail at $500,000 bond and scheduled her next court date for Jan. 15. She did not speak during the brief appearance.

“No one should rush to judgment at this early stage of the case,” defense attorney Bryan Konoski said outside court.

According to a criminal complaint, wabout a week after taking Myls to her home on Dec. 21, King burned him by pressing a hot oven rack against his leg. She also bound and gagged him with shoe laces and beat him with a belt, the complaint says.

Myls last full meal was on Dec. 26, and had no food or water after Jan. 3, the complaint says. The night before he died, King locked him outside on a balcony in the freezing cold for up to an hour while he was wearing only a T-shirt and shorts, it adds.

King “admitted that the child lost approximately twenty to twenty five pounds while in her custody,” the complaint says.

At a news conference earlier Friday, the family of the child’s grieving mother criticized the city Administration for Children’s Services for taking him away from her and allowing a family court to grant custody to his father, a convicted felon.

“Somebody dropped the ball and this kid is not here anymore,” said family spokesman Tony Herbert. “So at the end of the day, somebody has to stand up and take ownership of this.”

The boy’s mother, Ashlee Dobson, started to tell reporters about her love for her son until she broke down in tears and stopped speaking. Myls’ grandmother, Faye Bennett, stepped in and said, “This is so painful for us.”

Dobson had custody of Myls until ACS took him away because she was struggling financially and living in a homeless shelter, the family said. After he was turned over to his father, Okee Wade, in 2012, she would still see him regularly. The last time was in November, and he appeared fine, according to the family.

ACS refused to comment on Friday. The agency has typically provided details about its handling of high-profile cases in the past. Wade, 37, of Brooklyn, has a history of arrests, including one early last year in New Jersey on charges he was recruited in a scheme where he impersonated an account holder at an Atlantic City casino so he could withdraw money there.

Since the death, Dobson has posted photos on Facebook of her beaming child. The messages included, “Mommy Loves U Myls, RIP Baby.”