NEW YORK (AP) A woman struck by a taxi in Manhattan on Friday died despite the efforts of about a dozen bystanders who rushed in and turned the vehicle on its side to free her.

Police said the woman, 58, was crossing Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side around 2 p.m. when the cab ran her over. Witnesses told the Daily News the 30-year-old driver was making a left turn at 79th Street and appeared to be trying to beat a red light.

Construction workers rushed from a nearby project and joined other good Samaritans in lifting the taxi van off of the woman. She was pronounced dead at Lenox Hill Hospital.

"There were enough of us there that it wasn't hard to flip the cab," Sam Easley told the newspaper. "I just wanted to save her. I didn't want to move her because her arm was mangled. I was just trying to talk to her and keep her calm."

Police said a 32-year-old woman riding in the cab was treated at the scene for pain. The driver was not injured, they said. Police didn't name the victim, the passenger or the driver.

Photographs showed the taxi on its side in front of a posh apartment building on 79th street.

The crash, which blocked traffic and forced city buses to be rerouted from the area, is still under investigation. No charges have been announced.