NEW YORK (AP) New York City Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty is retiring.

Doherty's career began in 1960. It will end after a snow-filled winter which included complaints about his department's handling of a storm that blanketed the city in January.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he found the plowing in several neighborhoods, including Manhattan's Upper East Side, to be unacceptable.

Doherty, who's 75, was serving on an interim basis. He had agreed to stay in the post which he had held under de Blasio's predecessor, Michael Bloomberg.

Doherty was commissioner for 12 years under Bloomberg and four under Rudolph Giuliani. His career began as a trash collector more than five decades ago.

Doherty's last day will be March 28. De Blasio will now fill the post on a permanent basis.