NEW YORK (AP) A New York City man has been convicted of murder and other charges in the 2010 strangling death of a transgender woman he met online.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Friday a four-week trail revealed Rasheen Everett poured bleach on his victim's body in an attempt to hide evidence. He said he then left with her camera, keys, laptop, suitcase, coat and cell phone.

Police have said the victim, Edelbuerto Gonzalez-Andujar (eh-dehl-BWEHR'-toh guhn-ZAH'-lehs ahn-DOO-hahr) went by the name Amanda. She was found in March 2010, face-down on a bed in her Queens apartment.

An attorney for the 32-year-old Everett didn't immediately return a call for comment.

Everett faces up to 40 years in prison at his December sentencing. He was arrested in Las Vegas, Nev., days after the murder.