Supermoon over Buffalo

Wasn’t the Supermoon fun? And we are supposed to be getting more this year. Sunday night, the moon was so bright that at 2 a.m., it felt as if you could read outside. If you were sleeping and awoke and looked at the window you would think it was time to get up. It’s great that, as one friend points out: “It’s so beautiful, and it doesn’t cost us a cent.” It’s also great how the Supermoon makes people superdramatic. Tuning in to Art Bell ‘round midnight, we heard: “The first line is the Antichrist line, the second line is the Time Traveler line, and the third line is for you.”

Say it loud

Buzz went to see the James Brown biopic “Get On Up” at the Regal Theatre. What an experience! On the plus side, we don’t go to movies much, and we expected to pay a fortune. But the ticket taker gave us a Regal card, which was free, and charged us just $5. Such a deal! On the minus side, we had to pay for the movie in a different way – by sitting through about 18 previews. What previews! Sure, James Brown had his run-ins with the law, but would that be enough to make them think that by going to this movie we would desire all this mayhem? We saw one guy getting his hand chopped off. Another guy getting punched brutally in the face over and over. And we kept suffering through that deafening slamming noise that preview makers love. No wonder we hardly ever go to movies. As James Brown himself would say, Owwwww!

Frampton asks nicely

Just as we wonder about the James Brown movie previews, we wonder: What is Spotify thinking, following up our Chopin and Brahms with deafening commercials for the latest grunge? We almost wept with gratitude when, instead

Let other people line up for Cabela’s, the new sportsmen’s store. The real sport lies in Savers, the second-hand megastore, that opened a few days ago on Sheridan Drive in Amherst. Buzz scored a maxi-dress we loved for $6.99. As we shopped, we loved the unintelligible announcements. “Attention Savers shoppers ... (squawk, squawk, squawk) ... and make the world a better place.” And the architecture is thrilling. As a fellow shopper noted, Savers got rid of the dropped ceiling, and you see the dome of the old Park Edge market. Priceless!

The buzz

Anyone else remember James Brown at Melody Fair back in the groovy, funky day? In the middle of a song, he stopped to riff on North Tonawanda’s location. He chanted: “Buffalo ... Niagara Falls! Buffalo ... Niagara Falls! Buffalo ... Niagara Falls! Niagara Falls ... Buffalo!” Buzz loved that. That scene should have been in the movie. ... Alone at last: Seen late on Delaware Avenue downtown, a bride and groom walking along the sidewalk, apparently heading back from their reception at the Statler, holding hands, all by themselves. She was still in her gown and veil. So sweet.


“Where one call does it all.”

– The Mayor’s Call and Resolution Line