June weather roundup / The heat is on


One of the region’s longest and snowiest winters quickly became a distant memory as the mercury soared for much of June – finishing in 11th place on the list of all-time warmest recorded Junes. The 78.3-degree average daily high temperature was three degrees warmer than normal. The daily high was at least 70 degrees for all but three days in June and hit 80 degrees 14 times in the month. Temperatures ranged from a monthly low of 48 degrees June 6 to a high of 89 degrees June 28.

Monthly averages for June

June 2014 30-year avg. +/- Last year

HIGH: 78.3 75.3 3.0 73.2

LOW: 59.2 57.3 1.9 58.3

MEAN: 68.8 66.3 2.5 65.7

Temperature records: None.


After beginning the month well above average for precipitation, thanks to a couple of gully-washers, the average rainfall for the month – 3.8 inches – came in just slightly above the 30-year average. More than 70 percent of that monthly rainfall came between June 1 and 12, including more than an inch that fell June 3. It was drastically less than the more than seven inches of rain that fell last June, which included inch or more rainfalls on three separate days. Buffalo’s 2013-14 meteorological year closed June 30, and with it, the final snowfall total for the winter: 129.9 inches – that was 35.2 inches above normal and good for seventh snowiest in the city’s recorded weather history. It also finished third on the nationwide list of cities with populations of at least 100,000 people behind first-place Erie, Pa., 138.4 inches, and second-place Syracuse, 132 inches.


Total June rainfall: 3.80 inches

Wettest June: 9.67 inches, 1928

Driest June: 0.11 inches, 1955

30-year average: 3.66 inches

June 2013: 7.16 inches

June 2012: 2.68 inches

Precipitation records: None.


Both local lakes are running above their long-term averages for water levels, just more than a year after scientists were sounding alarms that Great Lakes waters were receding to historic lows. The basins of Lakes Erie and Ontario each added water depth since last June. Bolstered by above-normal precipitation over the last nine months – 6.1 inches more in Buffalo between October 2013 and June 2014 – as well as the sustained cold during last winter that at its peak in March encased more than 92.2 percent of Great Lakes in ice – the most since 1979 and a fact hydrologists say helped tamp down evaporation from the lakes. Lake Erie added 7 inches of water from its June 2013 level. During the sultry month of June, it also jumped 14 degrees in temperature, its biggest June warmup since 2011.

Lake Erie temperature

• June 1: 57 degrees

• June 30: 71 degrees

Lake Erie water levels

Monthly average:

572.19 feet above sea level (2.9 inches above average)

June 2013: 571.61 feet (4.1 inches below average)

Yearly net change: +7.0 inches

Long-term average: 571.95 feet

Lake Ontario temperature

• June 1: 53 degrees

• June 30: 61 degrees

Lake Ontario water levels

Monthly average:

246.57 feet above sea level (4.1 inches above average)

June 2013: 246.38 feet (1.8 inches above average)

Yearly net change: +2.3 inches

Long-term average: 246.23 feet


The sun shone for 67 percent of its available hours in June, which was slightly more than the monthly average of 64 percent and 10 percent more than last year. It was visible for each day during the month. The least amount of average daily sunshine – 8 percent – occurred June 12 and 25.

• There was 100 percent of available sunshine June 7, 22 and 27.

• The average June wind speed was 8.3 mph, with the highest wind speed of 26 mph coming from the southwest June 3 and peak wind gust of 37 mph from the southwest June 17.

Compiled by News Staff Reporter T.J. Pignataro

Sources: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sea Grant Network and