Q: I am really puzzled about the series “Resurrection.” It just stopped, leaving no answers. I kept waiting to see when there would be another episode, but there never was one. Did I miss something, or was that it? – Marge Nees, Marion, Iowa

A: That was it for now, and you didn’t miss anything. Season finales – particularly for dramas – are designed that way, to keep you guessing so that you’ll come back, provided the show in question gets renewed. “Resurrection” did, and while you may get some answers when the Frances Fisher-starring series returns to ABC this fall, don’t bank on everything being resolved right away. That’s how they keep you hooked.


Q: Will “The Sing-Off” be coming back, and when? – Natalie Carter, Clearfield, Pa.

A: At this writing, NBC hadn’t made a Season 5 of the competition official, but one can’t necessarily take that as a sign the show won’t be back. After all, the network canceled it after Season 3 ... only to reverse its decision a year later by ordering a Season 4 that aired over a limited period during the holiday season last December.

Host Nick Lachey seemed uncertain of the program’s future when we spoke with him a couple of months ago – but since three of the show’s four runs have been during the month of December, it’s likely that’s where it would resurface if it indeed does.

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