Teen gunman kills student, hurts teacher

TROUTDALE, Ore. (AP) – A teen gunman armed with a rifle shot and killed a student Tuesday and injured a teacher at a high school in a quiet Columbia River town in Oregon then likely killed himself, authorities said.

Officers used a robot with a camera to investigate and discovered the suspect, hunched over a restroom toilet, was dead and that he likely killed himself at Reynolds High School in Troutsdale, police said.

The attack panicked students at the school after a lockdown was ordered and they were told to go quietly to their classrooms. Gov. John Kitzhaber said “Oregon hurts as we try to make sense of a senseless act of violence.”

The Oregon violence came less than a week after a gunman opened fire on a college campus in neighboring Washington state, killing a 19-year-old man and wounding two others.


FAA to allow first commercial drone use

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Federal Aviation Administration said Tuesday it has granted the first permission for commercial drone flights over land, the latest effort by the agency to show it is loosening restrictions on commercial uses of the unmanned aircraft.

Drone maker AeroVironment of Monrovia, Calif., and BP Energy Corp. have been given permission to use a Puma drone to survey pipelines, roads and equipment at Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, the agency said. The first flight took place on Sunday. Made by AeroVironment, the Puma is a small, hand-launched craft about 4.5 feet long and with a 9-foot wingspan. It was initially designed for military use. Drones are often less expensive to operate than manned aircraft and easier to maneuver.


Senators briefed on POW’s release

WASHINGTON – Senators emerged from a classified, closed-door briefing on the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl on Tuesday seemingly less convinced than ever about the wisdom of swapping five high-level Taliban prisoners for the Army soldier.

The terms of the exchange signaled “a lack of understanding of the reality of the conflict we’re engaged in,” Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said as he emerged from the secure hearing room. “It’s got to be demoralizing for our allies. It’s got to be demoralizing for our soldiers. It’s got to embolden the people we’re fighting against.

“We’re in a war,” he continued. “I think this White House does not understand that.”

Democrats took their own shots at the terms of the trade. “Was it a good deal or a bad deal?” said Sen. Joe Manchin III, D-W.Va. “In my mind it’s still a bad deal.”

– New York Times


FDA says some fish OK if you’re pregnant

WASHINGTON – The FDA, in a change of course, now wants pregnant women to eat more fish. But not the kinds that are high in mercury. Altering its 2004 advice to shun most seafood, the Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday that pregnant and breast-feeding women and young children should eat fish that is low in mercury levels to gain important health benefits. Those fish – including salmon, trout, anchovies and sardines – are high in essential omega-3 fatty acids. The FDA also noted that pollock, shrimp, talapia, catfish, cod and canned light tuna are safe to consume while pregnant or breast-feeding.

– Los Angeles Times