Millard Fillmore Grover Cleveland

13th President 24th

January 7, 1800 Born March 18, 1837

Summerhill, N.Y. Birthplace Caldwell, N.J

Practiced law in East Aurora WNY connection Practiced law in Buffalo

Elected to State Assembly and House of Lost race for Erie County district attorney, elected sheriff,

Representatives, lost run for governor, elected state Political journey elected mayor of Buffalo, elected governor of New York,

comptroller, elected vice president, became president to the White House elected president in 1884, lost re-election bid in 1888

on the death of Zachary Taylor in 1850. to Benjamin Harrison, elected president again in 1892.

Why he’s remembered

Considered one of the nation’s worst presidents even by people Only man to serve nonconsecutive terms in the White House.

who don’t like history

The famous music venue in San Francisco This was named after him A volcano in Alaska

Born in a log cabin Fun fact His image appeared on the $1,000 bill

Never elected president Stark difference between the two Elected president twice

March 8, 1874 Died June 24, 1908