(Last week in parentheses)

1. Seattle Seahawks. If coach Pete Carroll had been with Butch and Sundance, they would have made it out ahead of the posse alive. (1).

2. New Orleans Saints. Rob Ryan’s hair has 1,700 Twitter followers. (2)

3. New England Patriots. Tom Brady greater than Col. Walter E. Kurtz. (3).

4. Denver Broncos. Denver fans getting antsy. (4).

5. San Francisco 49ers. Defense will smother Bucs. (6).

6. Philadelphia Eagles. No. 1 rushing. (7)

7. Carolina Panthers. Dave Clawson will turn Demon Deacons around. (5)

8. Cincinnati Bengals. Lost 5 of last 7 to Pitt. (8).

9. Kansas City Chiefs. Andy Reid the 21st coach to win 150 games. (9)

10. Detroit Lions. You don’t have to be that good to be 10th best in today’s NFL. (10)

11. Arizona Cardinals. No. 5 on defense. (12)

12. Baltimore Ravens. A win for the ages last week. (13).

13. San Diego Chargers. Rivers has 5 4,000-yard seasons. (17)

14. Chicago Bears. Only way defense could be worse is if Mike D’Antoni coached it. (18)

15. Miami Dolphins. Have lost 17 of last 22 to Pats. (26)

16. Indianapolis Colts. Looking like worst division winner in a long time. (14).

17. Dallas Cowboys. Hard to be overrated 18 years in a row, but Cowboys have managed it. (11)

18. Pittsburgh Steelers. They can’t run or stop run anymore. (15)

19. St. Louis Rams. It’s a baseball town. Rams to LA would be no harm done. (19)

20. N.Y. Giants. Eli & Geno have 40 INTs between them. (20)

21. Tennessee Titans. Fitz has 100+ rating in 3 of last 4. (21)

22. Green Bay Packers. Run D, No. 25, a perennial problem. (23).

23. Atlanta Falcons. Roddy White too little, too late for most fantasy owners. (22).

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Still don’t believe in Mike Glennon. (24).

25. N.Y. Jets. Poor Robinson Cano. Offered $175M but disrespected by Yanks. (26)

26: Jacksonville Jaguars. If Bobby Rainey can gain 100, why not Jordan Todman? (31)

27. Buffalo Bills. Doors’ “Been Down So Long” is Bills’ theme song. (25)

28. Oakland Raiders. Rod Streater needs 213 yards to become their first 1,000-yard WR since Randy Moss. (27)

29. Cleveland Browns. Jay Cutler returns to face tough Browns D. (29).

30. Minnesota Vikings. Greg Jennings should have stayed in GB. (28).

31. Washington Redskins. Only way Shanahan could have pushed exit harder was to call for dropping Redskins name. (30).

32. Houston Texans. They are Diddering omadhauns on offense. (32).