Area Holes-In-One

Terry Bledsoe, on the 120-yard fourth hole at Arrowhead, with a pitching wedge.

John Gaffney, on the 178-yard third hole at Brookfield, with a 5-iron.

Bill Murby, on the 195-yard 17th hole at Fox Valley, with a 5 wood.

Richard Nardini, on the 143-yard sixth hole at Fox Valley, with a 7-iron.

Mike Nowicki, on the 125-yard ninth hole at Mission Bay (Calif.), with a 52-degree wedge

Al Puma, on the 173-yard 17th hole at Ironwood, with a 3-hybrid.

Gerald Scott, on the 185-yard second hole at Westwood, with a 5-iron.

Dr. James Smith, on the 175-yard seventh hole at Crag Burn, with a 7-iron.

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