The warm-weather season brings out the biting bugs and assorted mixtures of organic and chemical concoctions to kill or repel those annoying stingers.

Earlier this year, we mentioned a product called Swamp Buddy that Jean had found while doing service work in Brunswick, Ga., on Jekyll Island several years ago. While she was taking classes and doing training work, I settled into the important task of catching whatever swam near docks and piers around the island and on nearby Georgian salt waters. We found Swamp Buddy a great insect repellent while there.

This year, after successfully using Swamp Buddy to fend off body-biting bugs from Newfoundland to South Africa, we contacted folks at the company and chatted with Yolaunda DeLoach, daughter of the late William Cowart, the inventor of the formula with the right mix of lemon grass, peppermint and other natural ingredients that pester insects.

Yolaunda recalls in 1982 when her dad first produced his preparation. “He was looking for a name for his bug-chasing ingredient and when his grandchildren headed outside, he prompted them to take along their ‘swamp buddy,’ referring to his bug repellent,” she said. The name stuck and is now labeled as the “Okefenokee Formula” for the massive strip of swampland, about 700 square miles, that stretches along much of Georgia’s southeast inner coast, including the Cowart residence.

For more than three decades, Swamp Buddy pocket-sized squeeze bottles have been taken on outings across southeastern states mainly, but visitors such as Jean and I have hauled these bottles of juices to other states, countries and continents with successes seen in a variety of climates that bring out bugs.

DeLoach has sent orders of Swamp Buddy to visitors worldwide; about 90 percent of sales are repeat customers. She is most proud of its contents; it works without harm. “In all those years, we have not received a complaint of skin irritation,” she said of this product considered “food grade” for consumers.

It works whenever used, but DeLoach recommends applying Swamp Buddy before going out for best repelling results. “Some say it’s a soothing healer, but we can’t make that claim,” she added.

Bottles of Swamp Buddy will be packed for an Ontario fly-in fishing trip in July and another to Quebec in August with expectations of the same results as seen – and felt – on previous outings.

For more details on Tru Ventures, the company that distributes Swamp Buddy, call (912) 882-0921 or visit the Web site at