Superintendent needs to be more transparent

The News editorial, “Prove it,” in the July 8 paper illustrates the smoke-and-mirrors attitude that Pamela C. Brown has been using during her short tenure as superintendent of the Buffalo Public Schools. Apparently her agenda is a way to wiggle out of a responsible position of leadership by trying to impress others that she is in total control and has the authority and ability to move forward. Perhaps she hopes that the public is gullible or naive.

Brown’s evaluation report was muddled by an inaccurate process that members from the Buffalo School Board did not participate in, thus resulting in a point system that does not reflect a true score but an average based on a rush to judgment.

Hopefully, these inconsistencies will disappear as new board members take their seats and bring in an atmosphere of fresh ideas. They need to eliminate hidden practices and secrecies that have plagued this board for years.

Now is the time to show how the money is being used and spent, reflecting on students’ needs, rather than trying to deceive in order to maintain the status quo.

Tony Hammill