The head of the Erie County Democratic Party wants Kevin Gaughan to run for Erie County Comptroller.

“Most people in Erie County know Kevin Gaughan, and his record of independence and advocacy on behalf of hardworking taxpayers,” Jeremy Zellner said today in a statement.

“Kevin has unquestionable integrity, and a deep commitment to our community. There could not be a better taxpayer watchdog than Kevin."

Gaughan said this afternoon that he would give the request great consideration but has not yet accepted the request.

“I’m honored that the Democratic Party has requested that I consider becoming a candidate for public office. And I feel that when Mr. Zellner and my party ask me to lend a hand, I am duty bound to give the request considerable thought," Gaughan said in a statement.

“I’ve always viewed the office of county comptroller as among our region’s most vital and serious positions. It’s the public office that perhaps most fits with my private sector efforts to reduce taxes, reform local government, and align our community with the future."

Gaughan said that he has been conducting a study on the cost of town and village governments and also trying to “complete a memoir that I’ve been struggling with for some time."

“So I don’t know how my long-suffering editor is going to feel about my taking on an endeavor that may add several new chapters to my book.

Gaughan is a Buffalo attorney with extensive experience in corporate and municipal finance. He is a nationally-known expert on government reform, and leader of a movement to permit residents to decide the size and cost of local government.

“Voters across Erie County recognize Kevin and his efforts to give them a voice in their community,” Zellner concluded. “Kevin’s past work illustrates that no politician can tell him what to do and that level of independence is the exact sort of leadership that our community needs in a Comptroller.”

Lynn M. Szalkowski, previously back by the Democratic leaders to run for comptroller, recently withdrew from the race due to health reasons.

Gaughan is a graduate of Harvard University, Georgetown University Law School, and he studied public finance at the London School of Economics.

He is the author of “At First Light: Strengthening Buffalo Niagara in the New Century.”