An East Amherst man and his son were charged with burglary overnight after an off-duty police officer saw them trying to break into a house on Transit Road, Amherst police said.

Michael Codelia Sr,, 46, of Berwick Lane, and his 16-year-old son were arrested after Officer Corey Brown, who was off duty, noticed a pickup truck backed into a Transit Road driveway near Muegel Road, according to officials.

Brown saw the 16-year-old trying to force open a door. The teen and his father left the scene to park at a gas station down the street, police said.

They returned, authorities said, while Brown waited for on-duty officers to arrive. Codelia Sr. then fled in his truck and his son fled on foot, while state police and Erie County Sheriff’s deputies and helicopters helped Amherst police search for the suspects, officials said.

They were found two hours later, and stolen property from the burglary was recovered, police said.