An interruption in the printing of 2013 annual tax bills resulted in some Kenmore property owners getting multiple copies, and some Town of Tonawanda taxpayers getting none at all, an Erie County official said.

Either way, the bills still are due Feb. 15.

Marguerite Greco, the town clerk and receiver of taxes, sent out word about the problem late Tuesday.

“It was brought to our attention ... by a number of town residents, that they had yet to receive their county tax bill even though we mailed it two weeks ago,” Greco said. And in the Village of Kenmore, for which the town collects county taxes at this time of year, numerous residents had been issued duplicate bills.

As of Wednesday, the clerk’s office reported 13 calls from town taxpayers who hadn’t received a bill and 12 from village residents who received duplicates. That’s out of a total of approximately 17,000 bills sent annually.

Erie County’s Department of Information and Support Services prints the bills, which then are mailed by the municipality to taxpayers. Greco said they mailed the bills Jan. 14.

“There was a glitch in the print shop that caused the omission of some bills and the duplication [of] others, and wasn’t caught during the printing process,” Greco further explained. Town and county officials worked together in identifying the source of the problem.

“First and foremost, there is nothing wrong with the numbers or calculations on any tax bills,” Joseph L. Maciejewski, the county’s director of real property tax services, said.

“When my staff contacted the print shop, the operator of that print machine said he had, in fact, started and stopped the printing process a couple of times,” Maciejewski continued. That’s typically done to add more paper or ink.

The duplicates and omissions weren’t caught when the process was restarted, Maciejewski said.

Greco said that taxpayers who didn’t receive a tax bill or were mailed duplicates should call her office at 877-8800, Ext. 507.

Copies of current tax bills can be downloaded from the town’s website: Click on Online Tax Information on the home page, then search for the current bill by address or parcel number. After clicking on details, there’s a tab at the top to print the bill.