BATAVIA – The Genesee County Economic Development Center has set ambitious goals for 2013, including a start on the largest project in its 42-year-history: a 1,200-acre site in the Town of Alabama where high-tech products would be manufactured.

The center, successor to the county’s Industrial Development Agency, wants to create 182 jobs and generate $29 million this year, according to Mark A. Masse, vice president of operations.

The center finished a successful 2012, when the goal was 126 jobs and $18 million in investments. Two yogurt-making plants in the Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park were responsible for 230 jobs and more than $200 million in construction.

The Western New York Science Technology Advanced Manufacturing Plant will get much of the staff’s attention in the new year. The purchase of land at the site is now under way with the intent of making the land “shovel-ready” for tenants. The center’s board has approved a $10 million incentive package for a rural town facing a dramatic change from large scale makers of high-tech products such as solar panels and computer chips. The projected workforce in a two-decade development would be four times greater than the town’s population of 2,000.

The funds, which the center would recoup from land sales, will be used to provide Alabama with a countywide municipal water system and capital projects including a new town hall on three acres of the STAMP site. Anticipating their incentive package, the Town Board has already approved zoning changes for the agricultural acreage.