I decided I don't want to wait three months to see what interior decorators and designers have up their sleeves for Decorators' Show House. Although they don't start transforming the house at Knox Farm State Park until March, I wanted to hear a few details.

So I got on the phone.

The decorating team at Arthur's Home Furnishings in Orchard Park is tackling the screened-in porch and outdoor terrace areas. The plan?

“There are three terraces – all connected with stone walkways – so we're doing a navy blue and white wicker combination and fabrics that all coordinate,” said Wendy Bailey.

“They'll be three separate areas – dining, lounging and a fire pit area. Then we're also doing the screened-in porch in an equestrian theme. The furniture actually has stirrups and bridles in the makeup of the frame, and the fabrics all coordinate in golds and rusts,” she said.

Kittinger Gallery is designing a 28-by-34 living space with two niches – one being an inglenook, which is a recessed area near the fireplace. Karen Bialkowski will create what she calls “a modern twist on Ralph Lauren.” Think “royal turquoisey blues and khakis,” equestrian touches and mottled leathers.

“Rather than a formal living room, I'm doing a semi-formal family room – a retreat room,” she said. “It's basically going to be a gathering place for family events. It will have very comfortable seating; the inglenook will be designed with cool benches. I'm turning another niche into a wine-tasting room.”

Interior designer Mark Taylor shared some highlights for his breakfast room:

“I am using a fabulous Elsie de Wolfe Scalamandre fabric, which is pretty much a classic fern pattern in green and yellow ... very preppy and traditional. I'm not doing a full window treatment but some kind of side-hang treatment,” he said.

“I will probably do a breakfast table and some chairs, a beautiful hutch – what I'm calling 'high country antiques' – really good antiques, late 1800s. There may be little twists of contemporary in there with artwork or another chair ... it has to be a little bit modern,” Taylor said.

And what in the world do designers do with an enormous living room?

“We're doing a modern equestrian theme, but we're going to do a twist on it. Our colors are flannel gray, silver and saddle brown leathers. We'll have great tufted pieces, and we're going to try to incorporate a small table and chairs in there for playing cards,” said Michael Poczkalski, of “room” on Hertel Avenue. He estimates the room to be 38 by 28 feet.

The room will have the feel of a modern English countryside estate but with a “wow” factor, Poczkalski said.

“There will be a big surprise for everyone,” he promised.