SILVER CREEK – At its first session since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., members of the Silver Creek School Board heard from several parents concerned about school safety policies in the district.

Superintendent Daniel Ljiljanich addressed the group and said some security measures are already in place. He said he attended a meeting on school safety with Silver Creek Police Chief Timothy Roche on Jan. 2 and will continue to meet with police agencies.

Ljiljanich said state police have expressed an interest in having a greater presence on the school campus. The campus already has a school resource officer for 10 hours each week. Some district residents are advocating for additional time for a police officer on campus.

The superintendent also noted that a new entryway with better safety precautions will be included in an upcoming phase of the capital improvement project. He said some cameras are in place and more will be added as part of the improvements.

On the topic of school construction, Ljiljanich reported that 40 contractor representatives recently attended a prebid meeting at the campus. The district will go out to bid shortly on another phase of its improvement project, one that will include wiring and site improvements.

District Treasurer Cindy Mackowiak reported that the district has paid for the last phase, which included roof repairs and improvements, and other work. She gave a report on revenues and expenditures through the end of October.

Mackowiak said the district by then had collected 73 percent of school taxes and that she expected about 95 percent of tax bills to have been received before the district turns the unpaid bills over to Chautauqua County for collection.

Tax revenue in October was about $4 million, and the budget is on track, with about one-third of the revenues accounted for the 2012-13 year, she said.

The loss of Petri Baking Products is expected to affect about 30 families with children in the school. The superintendent said teachers and district officials will reach out to these families to offer assistance.

About 230 people will be laid off as a result of the closing, announced last week, of the Petri Baking Products factory.

Board members Wednesday night approved the appointment of Rachel Curtin as dean of students. A long-term teacher in the district, she has been a member of the music department. She replaces Marcy Sweetman, who went on to a position at BOCES.

The district will begin a search for a music teacher next week.