It was the quietest reorganization of the Hamburg Town Board in three years Monday night, as board members found more on which to agree than to disagree.

And Supervisor Steven Walters and Councilman Joseph Collins, who have clashed frequently in the past three years, outvoted Councilwoman Amy Ziegler when it came to showing support for Notre Dame over Alabama in the college football national championship game Monday night.

“What? You’ve got to have a little fun,” Walters said, as one resident groaned.

“I’ve got money on Alabama,” the resident said.

Collins, the lone Democrat on the Town Board, abstained from voting on three appointments and voted no on the department and liaison assignments for board members.

“I don’t agree with it,” Collins said.

Collins abstained from voting to hire Brian Doyle as the human resources consultant for another year, and Mary Eisenhauer as the head of the Employee Assistance Program and a youth program for another year.

Walters and Ziegler on Dec. 10 removed Collins as the board contact for any departments, until he successfully completed appropriate training as directed by the Town of Hamburg Employee Assistance Program and/or Town of Hamburg Human Resources Department.

That stipulation came as they voted to censure him for violating the town’s anti-harassment policy and violating the confidentiality of an executive session, charges he denied.

The Employee Assistance Program and Human Resources Department investigated the complaints, including a harassment complaint lodged by Doyle against Collins.

At Monday’s meeting, Collins was not assigned any departments, and was given six committees to act as liaison for. The resolution approved by the board said four departments and three additional committees would be added to his workload “upon completion of the necessary training.”

He also abstained from voting on Planning Board appointments. The board did not reappoint Gerard Koenig, a 25-year member of the board, appointing August Geraci instead. Koenig was fired as a part-time laborer three years ago, a move he claimed was politically motivated because he supported Walters’ opponent.