Former reality TV participant Alicia Guastaferro has agreed to accept a $10,000 settlement of her lawsuit against the owner of several local strip clubs.

Guastaferro, 21, who appeared as a teenage daughter on ABC’s “Wife Swap" in 2008, is part of a federal court suit accusing Mustang Sally’s Spirits and Grill and others of not paying overtime and other compensation to their employees.

In her court papers, Guastaferro contends that she worked as a dancer at the clubs and that, like other employees, including one who also has received a settlement, was denied proper compensation.

Guastaferro, in a separate case, faces charges stemming from an Aug. 27 incident in which she was found in a car at a Thruway rest stop with a Rochester attorney. A charge of prostitution against Guastaferro has been dropped.