Bills, beer and broken hearts

Twitter brings fans closer to their favorite NFL players, for better and for worse, and we saw both last week.

First, New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards (@OfficialBraylon) shared the scene from the team bus at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday, a report that Sports Illustrated’s Peter King named a Tweet of the Week.

“Lmao. A bills fan just tried to hit our bus with a snow ball but instead he slipped and bust his ass and his beef spilled on him.”

We imagined an unathletic Bills fan trying to hold onto his beef on weck as he fell, until Edwards tweeted he meant to type “beer.”

Then, Bills receiver David Nelson’s break-up with a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader was dissected on Twitter. It started Wednesday, when a Bills fan asked Kelsi Reich when she and Nelson would marry.

“Unfortunately, we are no longer together,” she replied.

This prompted Channel 2’s Kevin O’Neill to tweet: “Even though he’s been hurt all year, by losing @KelsiReich, @DavidNelson86 has committed the worst drop of the season.”

Nelson didn’t appreciate the humor – “@KevinBuffalo very classy man. Unbelievable” – and a chagrined O’Neill apologized and took down his tweet.

“OK, too far. Tried to make light. Looked like a jerk (as I often do),” O’Neill wrote.

Ketchup, or salt and vinegar?

Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs has a lot of will power.

Jacobs posted on Facebook that he kept his 2012 New Year’s resolution, which was to give up eating French fries, and he needed feedback on where to eat his first batch of fries in 2013. He wanted to test himself by giving up a food he loved, and he chose fries over potato chips.

“I thought it would be more of a challenge,” he told us.

Jacobs said it was tough to watch friends and family order fries when he went out.

“Especially if people made an effort to tell you how good they are,” he said.

His Facebook post received 46 comments as of Friday, with Papa Jake’s, Blue Monk, Tabree, Duff’s and Ted’s getting the most love. But Jacobs told us he’s trying the fries served in the main lodge at Kissing Bridge, at the urging of his stepson, Max Vitale, who is 13.

“I’m going fries-ing, with a little snowboarding,” Jacobs said.

Love on the sledding hill

The Boston Globe recently carried a love letter to our Chestnut Ridge Park from sportswriter Kevin Paul DuPont, who eloquently recounted his December trip to the park for sledding, solitude and hot chocolate in the lodge.

“There may be better, bigger sledding spots than Chestnut Ridge, the largest county park in America, covering some 1,200 acres, but I’ll let others debate that point,” he wrote in the essay, headlined, “How a snowy hill and a sled can wipe out all the noise of daily life.”

Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz liked the piece so much his office highlighted it in a news release.

DuPont told us that he and his wife, Brenda Brenon, the former Channel 7 sportscaster, own a townhouse in Williamsville and regularly return to this area to visit family.

“Spent week in Buffalo, left on Monday," he later tweeted. “Now 48 hours into pizza and wing detox. Just spotted toes, could be turning the corner.”

That other Buffalo

The website generally does a nice job showing the many layers of hockey in this area.

It includes a cool video of area hockey moments, a list of local college and high school hockey programs and Web links to area rinks and youth hockey programs, including the Buffalo Youth Hockey Association.

There’s a problem with that last entry, though: No such group exists in Buffalo, N.Y. The link is to the website of the Buffalo Youth Hockey Association – a few hundred ice rinks away in Buffalo, Minn.

That’s a two-minute penalty for faulty linking.

By Stephen T. Watson with a contribution from Jay Tokasz. email: