Last week, the annual Night-Life Buffalo Music Awards were handed out during a ceremony at the Cove on Transit Road in Depew.

As ever, the ballot-based awards covered a wide spectrum, from hard rock to country, blues to pop. The BMAs also honor favorite clubs, new and old. And individual musicians get their due, as well.

Here’s a full list of this year’s winners. Congrats to everyone who took home a trophy!

Special achievement awards:

Dwane Hall (Sportsmen’s Tavern), Lance Diamond, Frank Michaels and Paul Musilli (Buffalo Drum Outlet).

Bands and individual musicians:

Best Solo Artist, Darrell Porter; Best Original Solo Artist: Tim Britt; Best Duo/Trio: Busted Stuff.

Best Rock Keyboardist: Bruce Decker; Best Blues Keyboardist: Dan Sturner; Best Original Keyboardist: Walter Kemp.

Best Rock Drummer: Mike Campbell; Best Pop/Rock Drummer: Jim Linsner; Best Original Drummer: Jim Linsner; Best Blues Drummer: Marty Raymondo.

Best Rock Guitarist: Dustin Francis; Best Hard Rock Guitarist: Brad Peace; Best Pop/Rock Guitarist: Leslie Zagotti; Best Original Guitarist: Dave Schmeidler; Best Blues Guitarist: Mick Hayes; Best Country Guitarist: Chris Weinholtz.

Best Rock Bassist: Jim Wynne; Best Pop/Rock Bassist: Guy Nichols; Best Original Bassist: Tony Bales; Best Blues Bassist: Dave Frost.

Best Sax Player: Jack Prybylski; Best Horn Section: JJ Swing; Best Blues Harmonica: Jeremy Keyes.

Best Female Vocalist: Caitlin Koch; Best Original Female Vocalist: Katie Panfil; Best Blues Female Vocalist: Cindy Reinhardt; Best Country Female Vocalist: Holly Marie. Best Male Vocalist: Jeremy Hoyle; Best Original Male Vocalist: Jim Crean; Best Blues Male Vocalist: Mick Hayes; Best Country Male Vocalist: Jeremy Carroll.

Best Original Alternative Band: Leon and the Forklifts; Best Original Rock Band: Whiskey Reverb; Best Alternative/Rock Band: Suckerpunch. Best Jazz Group: Gruvology; Best Tribute Band: Strictly Hip; Best Group Vocals: Route 66. Best R&B Band: Old Skool; Best Niagara Falls Band: High Horse; Best Pop/Rock Band: Breakaway; Best Classic Pop Band: Flipside; Best Classic Rock Band: Boogie Monsters; Best New Group: Ultra Violet.

Best Crossover Blues Band: Mick Hayes Band; Best Traditional Blues Band: 12 Pack Jack; Best Country Band: 90 West; Best Original Band: Alison Pipitone Band; Best New Original Band: The Lake Effect; Best Rock Band: Widow Maker; Best Hard Rock Band: That ’80s Hair Band; Best Show Band: The Diva Show.


Best Jazz/R&B Club: Anchor Bar; Best Lounge: Shadow Lounge; Best Rock/Alternative Club: The Cove; Best Niagara Falls Club: Foley’s; Best Restaurant/Music Club Erie County: River Grill; Best Restaurant/Music Club Niagara County: Hard Rock Cafe; Best New Club/Restaurant: GFY Bar & Grill; Best Folk Acoustic Club: Irishman Pub and Eatery; Best Blues Club: Armor Inn Tap Room; Best Eclectic Club: Sportsmen’s Tavern; Best Dance/Music Club: Club Marcella; Best Party Bar: Sunset Bay Beach Club; Best Concert Club: Tralf Music Hall.