Hamburg School Board members plan to sell two vacant parcels the district does not need, according to officials.

“They’re not going to be utilized by the district. We don’t see anything in the future that would require us to build or expand our current program,” Superintendent Steven A. Achramovitch said during Tuesday night’s board meeting.

One parcel is 14 acres on Pleasant Avenue, accessible through a village-owned park and through Brookwood Drive. The other is about 24 acres on Zimmerman Road in Boston. That property abuts the Boston Valley School.

The district hopes to sell the properties in time for the revenues to be included in the 2013-14 budget.

“Given the state of the budget, given where we are in terms of revenues, this is an opportunity for us to sell land that will not be used by us and obtain some revenue for that,” Achramovitch said. “Hopefully over the next year or several years, we’ll be able to offset some of our expenditures.”

The board hired real estate agent Robert P. Strell for $4,750 to market the properties.

Also Tuesday, board members looked at staffing levels over the past five years as part of the budget process. The number of teachers has declined from 370 in the 2008-09 school year to 320 this year, the superintendent said.

According to preliminary budget estimates, the district is looking at a budget gap of $4.92 million because of flat revenues and rising costs. If taxes were used to bridge the gap, the district would need to increase the tax levy by 15.47 percent, according to figures released during last week’s budget workshop.

“It’s becoming harder and harder to find areas to reduce without significant impact on programs,” Achramovitch said.