In Buffalo, it’s easy to wrap yourself up in nostalgia – sometimes a little too easily.

But for Michael Mulley, the local photographer and gallery owner who has made a lifelong artistic pursuit out of capturing the city’s architectural legacy – and sometimes its fading grandeur – it’s also necessary to look ahead. Hence Mulley’s latest body of work, a small exhibition documenting some welcome additions to Buffalo’s long-static cityscape. “Buffalo 2012,” which gives us Mulley’s unique views of new buildings like the Gates Vascular Institute and the federal courthouse on Niagara Square, opens at 6 tonight in the pint-sized Queen City Gallery (617 Main St.) and runs through Jan. 10.

“Seeing the new buildings going up around Buffalo is both exciting and a challenge as a photographer. They look new, they aren’t ornate cement structures, but rather steel and glass emblems of the change in building styles and materials that embody what the future will look like,” Mulley wrote in a release. “It’s my hope that this new collection will inspire people to not think of what was, but to think the best is yet to come.”

More info is at 868-8183 or

– Colin Dabkowski