NORTH TONAWANDA – A project to redirect water so about 25 homes and yards on Witmer Road no longer have flooding problems was finished this week, City Engineer Dale Marshall said Tuesday evening.

“They should notice the difference immediately,” he said after a Common Council workshop session.

“I can’t wait to see how it performs for the people.”

The flooding resulted from an old, capped landfill that prevented water from draining.

Monday, crews finished digging through its slope to allow water to flow to the Niagara River and away from Witmer, Marshall said.

The project, which started in October, included new culverts and ditches to redirect the water. It worked, Marshall said, because of a collaboration with the Town of Wheatfield.

North Tonawanda allowed the town to connect its narrow, sometimes overwhelmed storm sewer lines to the city’s bigger lines.

In turn, the city’s new culverts and ditches will channel water away from Witmer, through Wheatfield sewer lines and into the river.

The project, budgeted at $335,000 in Niagara County funds, ended up costing $170,000.

Money was saved by using ditches to channel the water away instead of underground pipes, Marshall said.

“Any time you can open a ditch, it works a lot better,” he said.

Now, Marshall will give the new system some time to see how well it works.

“We’re going to wait and see and make sure we solve the problem before we refund any money,” he said.