Nine days after Lynn Hewitt went missing from a Lancaster adult home and prompted a frantic search in sometimes sub-freezing temperatures, the 57-year-old woman called her husband at about 9 p.m. Friday.

“Where are you?” the husband asked, according to Lancaster police.

“I’m on my way home,” Hewitt replied.

Hewitt then turned up safe at her husband’s home. A woman she had just met at Starbucks who had loaned Hewitt a cell phone drove her to the house.

Hewitt was taken to Erie County Medical Center for evaluation, but police said she appeared to be in good health.

Investigators were trying to figure out where she had been since she walked away from St. Elizabeth’s Adult Home on Broadway on Nov. 28.

Hewitt, who has described by police as having mild dementia, did not appear disheveled when she turned up, Detective Keith Kerl said. Although she was in the same clothes she was believed to have been wearing when she disappeared, they were not dirty.

She told police she left the adult home through a window and had been wandering around since. She said she had $20 in her pocket, which she had used to buy a couple of meals at McDonald’s.

Police have no idea where Hewitt was, but investigators were ecstatic to know she was safe.

Lancaster police had employed the help of the Erie County Sheriff’s Office to search for the missing woman. Kerl had reached out to the media to spread the word about the missing woman and, when snow started to fall last Friday, pleaded with the public to check their backyards and sheds for any clue to the woman’s whereabouts.

“It’s a big sigh of relief,” Kerl said.