A North Tonawanda homicide victim died from a combination of blunt- and sharp-force trauma to the head and neck, North Tonawanda police revealed Monday.

Police also said they still are looking for the car belonging to 34-year-old Heather M. Rylowicz, whose body was found in her Lincoln Avenue home Wednesday.

Authorities aren’t saying what weapon or weapons they believe were used in the killing.

“There were two different types of injuries,” Police Chief Randy Szukala said. “Either one could have been the cause of death. They couldn’t pinpoint the exact cause of death.”

Police have charged Brian C. Lowry, 32, with second-degree murder. He has been described as an acquaintance of Rylowicz’s.

Anyone with information about her car, a green 2008 Ford Taurus station wagon, is asked to call North Tonawanda police at 692-4312.