The School Board is asking city residents to approve $475,000 in bonds for improvements to the McKinley School Building at 245 South Shore Boulevard.

The building, which hasn’t been used as a school in years, houses the district’s administrative operations.

The board voted in October to seek the bond approval in a special election.

The bond would pay for reconstruction of a hallway that connects the main building to an annex; replacement of the building’s fire alarm system; and the purchase and installation of an emergency electrical generator.

The bond won’t affect the school district’s tax rate because New York state is expected to reimburse most of the district’s costs over the life of the bond, which will extend no more than 15 years, according to district administrators.

The vote is scheduled for noon to 9 p.m. Dec. 4 at a the Bocce Court, 175 Madison Avenue in the 1st Ward; Queen of Angels Hall, 144 Warsaw St., in the 2nd Ward; McKinley School, 245 South Shore Boulevard (Orchard Place entrance), in the 3rd Ward; and Lackawanna Senior High School, 550 Martin Road, in the 4th Ward.

The special election also includes two other propositions.

One of them would authorize the board of education to sell the site of the former Roosevelt School at 170 Odell St. The 210-foot by 210-foot parcel has been empty since the school was demolished.

The other would liquidate $10,831.97 from a capital reserve fund that was established in 1974 and apply the money to the district’s general fund, per section 3651 of state education law.