The members of One Direction have matured in talent and experience since the release of their first album, "Up All Night."

Unlike the first album, all the boys have about an equal number of solos in their new album, "Take Me Home." Their singing has become more polished and solid. The lyrics on "Take Me Home" are relatable and full of passion. Unlike the catchy and carefree lyrics of "Up All Night," the new lyrics show the boys have grown up a bit and have actually been through the circumstances they are singing about. Although the songs are full of emotion, they also contain the happy-go-lucky spirit that made people go crazy for One Direction in the first place.

"Take Me Home" has even more potential to conquer the charts with its understanding and moving lyrics. The lead single, "Live While We're Young," could be the new "YOLO" for teens. "They Don't Know About Us" is a perfect song to describe young love and not caring about what anyone thinks about the relationship. "Little Things" and "She's Not Afraid" are reminiscent of the song that elevated One Direction to the top, "What Makes You Beautiful." "Little Things" describes the loving, accepting ways of the members of One Direction. "Rock Me" and "Heart Attack" are invigorating and great to listen to if you want to lift your spirits.

My prediction for the three top-selling songs on this album is: "Live While We're Young"; "Kiss Me" and "They Don't Know About Us."

Sabina Mogavero is a freshman at Pioneer High School.


"Take Me Home"

One Direction

4 stars (out of 4)