An Akron man, jailed in 2010 for embezzling $175,000 from an 85-year-old widow, can reapply for a state funeral director’s license, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Paris J. Childs, 52, remains on probation for his third-degree grand larceny conviction.

Childs can seek to have his license reinstated, but he still cannot have anything to do with customers’ money, State Supreme Court Justice Russell P. Buscaglia said.

Buscaglia, who presided at the plea and sentencing hearings for the operator of Childs Funeral Home, had revoked his state funeral director’s license for five years.

Attorney Thomas J. Eoannou, representing Childs, asked the judge to allow Childs to reapply for the license.

Eoannou sought the “limited carve-out” from the probationary conditions imposed on Childs “so he can make a living.”

Childs will have no contact with money but will perform tasks like as picking up bodies, embalming, arranging viewings, and helping families select coffins, Eoannou said. He said Childs paid full restitution of $175,000.

Buscaglia sentenced Childs to six months in jail, among other sanctions, in January 2010.

Childs has not had any problems while on probation, but the judge warned him that he could still face up to seven years in prison for any further criminal behavior or violations of his probation.