SILVER CREEK – Members of the Silver Creek School Board took a close look at short-term and long-term financial issues at their regular meeting held at the high school.

Board members received the tax collector’s report, showing that about 92 percent of taxes were collected this year. The total came to $4.13 million. Officials turned $349,692 over to Chautauqua County as uncollected taxes. So far, $3,939 in penalties has been collected.

In reviewing revenues received over the last year, it was noted that the district received about $1.6 million in federal aid for Native American students.

The district also is collecting tuition for foster children who are attending district schools.

The board agreed to enter into a contract with Erie 2 BOCES for long-term financial planning.

School Board President Martha Howard noted that she looked at the excess revenues that were received in August for aid.

“We could use some help on the best way to use this,” she said of the funds. The BOCES contract is for $28,000, and 70 percent of it will be funded by state aid.

The board voted to have an audit of the school lunch program conducted by the accounting firm Bahgat and Laurito-Bahgat at a rate of $75 per hour.

In other matters, board members will be preparing for information on Phase II of the capital improvement project, which involves outdoor work, including curbing and driveways as well as exterior repairs to the classroom areas of the buildings.

It was reported that $900 was raised in the faculty-student basketball game. The funds were donated to local charities.