All who work hard
 are worthy of respect

During my working career, spanning many years, I have come across numerous people with the same arrogant and ignorant attitude as a recent letter writer. She strikes me as the type of person who must belittle and degrade others to make herself feel superior, stating that medical professionals deserve more respect and different treatment than the "aides" and "mop jockeys." I can assure her that the "aides" and "mop jockeys," as she refers to them, don't deserve any less respect than the doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, teachers, construction workers, etc., that exist in our country. No one should be ashamed or made to feel ashamed of making an honest living. Who is she to judge people by their occupation?

I have seen many bad people continue to advance and succeed in spite of their bad deeds, and many good people fail for nothing more than being victims of circumstance. So, if you must judge others, why not base it on the content of their character rather than their level of occupation? I think it would behoove the writer to understand that medical professionals are not gods and they sometimes fail in their jobs and when they do, sometimes good people die, regardless of their occupation.

Matthew J. Korzelius

Niagara Falls


Put swords down
 and work together

For many, the election results brought gladness and elation, while for others they brought sadness and despair. For me, I am not buoyed by President Obama's win or drowned by Mitt Romney's defeat. Rather, I find this a time to reflect. We are left to wonder why and consider the what-ifs.

Following this presidential election, there are many opportunities or topics worthy of our reflection. For me, one such opportunity is my vote – my choice. I believe my vote was the right choice; however, none of us knows for sure. We cast our vote and made our choice, and ultimately one candidate wins. We always want to be on the winning team. But, in this election, nearly half of the voters lost. Regardless of win or lose, it is time for all of us to put down our swords and work together to help the winner be successful – so that we are all winners in the end.

William D. Morrison



Region has to spend
 scarce dollars wisely

Among Erie County's highest priorities is to negotiate a new eight- to 10-year lease with the Buffalo Bills at a huge cost of $220 million. This is for only seven games a year. I love the Bills, but is this a wise way of spending huge sums of money for one of the poorest areas in the country with a continuing, shrinking market per the state's Labor Department?

Down the road a few years when the next lease is up, what then? Probably an additional billion dollars or so for a replacement of this then half-century-old stadium to meet the NFL's high standards. There will be no major long-term job growth creation, as demonstrated in Orchard Park during almost the last 40 years.

Shouldn't our government leaders, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, the governor's Regional Economic Development Council and others be debating how we should be investing our scarce dollars over the next 15 to 20 years so we have a plan to maximize the bang per dollar invested in creating new jobs and area growth?

These mega dollars might be better invested in other projects such as:

A state-of-the art convention center to replace our obsolete, almost 40-year-old center that continues to handicap our convention opportunities.

Our peer cities would kill to have a world-known wonder like Niagara Falls nearby. A new approach would further expand our convention/tourism industry, creating thousands of new jobs at all income levels and bringing new outside money into our area.

Speeding up our waterfront development is another area to be explored for long-term, expanded job creation.

We must have a debate now.

Sergio Fornasiero


Veterinary college 
is preposterous idea

I have read with keen interest recent News articles regarding the selection of a privately endowed new veterinary medical campus at Gates Circle as the best choice replacement use for the previous Millard Fillmore Hospital site. I am addressing this fantasy scenario from my sole perspective as a retired former owner and director of a landmark downtown Buffalo veterinary hospital. At one time, I served as a liaison committee member to the Land Grant Cornell Veterinary College at Ithaca, served as a director representing New York State to the Eastern States Veterinary Association and visited various veterinary colleges at Ohio State, Guelph, Ont., England and the "first ever founded" veterinary school in Scotland.

Therefore, having some worthwhile knowledge of the magnitude of the costs to privately fund and establish a respectable, fully accredited large and small animal veterinary college with a modern diagnostic laboratory, a comprehensive veterinary library, a state-of-the-art veterinary teaching hospital with first-class facilities to humanely house healthy and ill animals along with the necessary credentialed, specialty professors and the availability to acquire large research grants, I believe this is a preposterous plan, at best, for Buffalo without taxpayer assistance. I hope that the uninformed advocates for a "dream" veterinary college in Buffalo do not set their expectations too high, only to see the public's visions dashed by reality.

Douglas Dedrick, DVM

Retired Cornell graduate veterinarian

East Aurora


President's re-election
causes sleepless nights

Who do you suppose is sleeping more soundly tonight, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? I know it isn't our next ambassador to Libya. A very sad moment in history.

John A. Riford



Where will governor get 
money for storm cleanup?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has pledged $100 million to help restore the devastation from Hurricane Sandy. Great news, but just where is the money going to come from? Maybe he has decided to disown the loser Buffalo Bills and use the inheritance we pay to Ralph Wilson and the Bills to actually make this state better. Maybe we could cut loose all of the sports teams we are forced to pay for and use the money for needed infrastructure, such as our roads and bridges, and then cut our property tax burden.

Harvey Schwartzmeyer

North Collins