President's re-election? is bad news for America

Obviously the Solyndra debacle, the Benghazi coverup, the Fast and Furious scandal, the prosecution of states attempting to protect their own borders and the death of the American Dream could not overcome the lure of a free Obama phone.

Thomas Jefferson once said, "The government you elect is the government you deserve." This is no doubt true, however, I need to go on record and state I did not vote for this government and I did nothing to deserve four more years of an Obama presidency.

It is truly a sad day in America when an uninformed electorate not only becomes legion but prevails.

Tom Muhlbauer



Let's hope both parties ?will work with Obama

Congratulations to President Obama. He's got four hard years ahead of himself. There are critical issues that need to be addressed for the sake of our country and future generations. I hope that he'll receive support from both political parties in this endeavor. Decisions will be difficult and unpopular to many. Compromises will be needed. There's not a doubt in my mind that everything that he does will be spun and twisted against him by his detractors. In this day of instant communication, mistruths are repeated and spread so quickly that they are given oxygen as if the lies were truths.

Unfortunately, I believe that he will unjustly become one of the most hated and reviled presidents ever; even more than Abraham Lincoln was at the time of his death. I'm also sure that history will show that Obama was one of best presidents. I personally am grateful that he will fight for four more years to ensure that America remains strong and great.

Bernard Jemiolo



Support for drone use? ignores vital questions

The News editorial regarding drone warfare ignores a critical issue: What kind of accountability, and what checks and balances, should exist in a democracy that chooses to fight its enemies remotely? Of course, every U.S. citizen wants to save the lives of our service members, and using an unmanned weapon allows delivery of potent weapons without placing U.S. citizens in harm's way.

But what is a "terrorist," as the editorial glibly used the word? Does it include U.S. citizens abroad? Might it someday include drone use against people inside the United States deemed "terrorists"? What kind of proof should we have before targeting an individual or group, and what does this verdict without open trial mean for us as a people who acknowledge a need for some transparency in our republic? Finally, what political limits are we going to discuss for a technology that has few if any limits, and, ultimately, who adds/subtracts people from the "kill list" that our military uses to prioritize targets currently with its drone program?

Americans want to prevent avoidable deaths among our service members. But what about all of these other critical questions? The answers will determine not only how the United States uses these weapons but also how others may one day choose to use them against us. The editorial did not clarify any of these critical issues and advances the overall discussion not one bit.

Steve Evans



Drones create fear ?and promote hatred

To properly evaluate any act of physical force, all the facts need to be presented. In responding to the editorial addressing the use of drones, the writer failed to provide the total human cost involved with remote control killing.

Drones have been in the skies over the tribal lands of Pakistan since 2004. The estimated cost in lives to these people has been 176 children and 474 to 881 civilians. This constant surveillance has produced fear and anxiety in the everyday lives of innocent people, thus producing more hate.

In October, I participated in Codepink's Peace March to Waziristan. While there, we met with drone victims and heard their stories of what damage this is creating. People can never understand what terrorism is until they are living through it on a daily basis. The drones are above 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As stated, they can hover for 30 hours. Children are afraid to go to school. Fear creates hate and hate creates enemies. And so the kill list gets longer.

The selling point is that this saves American lives. When did it become acceptable to deny due process and assassinate anyone our government sees as a "possible" threat? When war becomes so easy that a child can do it, we have fallen as humans and are opening the door to our own destruction.

As you sleep tonight, think of a drone flying overhead. Are you on a kill list? Is the person next to you on a kill list? Where does this end?

Bonny Mahoney



Father Joe helped ?countless people

This has been a very difficult time for us experiencing the unexpected loss of our beloved Joey. We feel it necessary to address the article published in the Oct. 28 News.

It is unfortunate that fellow colleagues of Father Joe Moreno chose to attempt to besmirch his reputation and memory in such a public manner when he is no longer able to defend himself, some choosing to cowardly hide behind the cloak of anonymity. It is our responsibility to defend him now that he is helpless to defend himself.

Although he performed God's work on a daily basis – and many will tell you he was a saint – our Joey was still human, and like all of us, not without his faults. Those faults did not change the fact that his singular purpose on this planet was to help those in need in any way he could and no matter what the cost. That is what he did best. Joey didn't just preach God's word behind a pulpit; he rolled up his sleeves every day and was on the front lines performing it – feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving to the poor, etc.

The fact that he filed for bankruptcy in the financial aftermath of Sept. 11 (like many people across the country) does not change that in the slightest. And those who knew Father Joe knew that he was always giving whatever money he had to the less fortunate and needy.

More disturbing, however, was the intimation that he was in any way involved in the church's sexual abuse scandal. We unequivocally state that he never committed such heinous acts nor was he ever accused of them. Such abhorrent acts are contrary to the very fiber of who our Joey was and his adoration of children and theirs of him.

Those who knew our Joey will remember him as the kind, gentle and giving person he was; and the outpouring of support from the public is a testament to the tremendous impact he had on so many in this world.

We are deeply saddened that those Joey called a friend and a colleague would, for no good reason, choose to diminish his works and memory through that salacious article. Although we all have our faults, including those who were quoted in the article, very few people have, or ever will, profoundly impact as many people as Father Joe did. We ask you to allow a good man to do what he was unable to in this life: rest.

The Moreno Family



Father Joe left us? a wonderful legacy

Let those without sin cast the first stone. Blessed Sacrament Church in Delevan and Holy Family Church in Machias were blessed to have Father Joe Moreno as our priest for over a year. It's a tragedy when something so terrible as this happens and people can do nothing but point out the man's faults. God have mercy on the people who did not even have the courage to give their names.

Father Joe was a special angel sent by God to do his work in a troubled world. I doubt if any who are so quick to judge could ever love as deeply as he did. I know what Father Joe did for me and for the many people he reached out to. I'm thankful that I am able to look past his faults and see Christ's presence in a man so holy. Some think we didn't know him well, but I'll tell you one person who knew him – God himself. I'm sure when Father Joe arrived at heaven's gate, he heard the master say, "A job well done." Thank you, Father Joe, for the legacy you left us.

Jan DePreta



Show a little respect?for all who work hard

"Mop jockeys?" I was sympathetic to the recent letter suggesting respectful titles for nurse practitioners and physician assistants until I got to this demeaning term for people whose daily efforts and hard work are crucial to successful outcomes in any medical setting. Instead of pitting one group against another, let's think about respecting everyone.

Patricia Prucnal

West Falls


Collins shouldn't feel? too good about victory

During Chris Collins' county executive concession speech in 2011, he expressed surprise at his loss. I had quite a chuckle hearing his "victory" speech on Tuesday night, as he was elated that the people voted "him" back into office, and again was surprised at the closeness of the race.

As an independent voter, I feel I need to introduce Collins to a concept that his arrogance does not allow him to accept. There is a reason the honorable Kathy Hochul came so close to defeating him, against insurmountable odds in a heavily Republican district. I will allow him to do the math himself, as I should not have to elaborate further.

Bob Tortorici

Orchard Park