Who?: Oud player Terzic and tabla player/percussionist Padmanabha.

What?: Terzic and Padmanabha met twice in a Buffalo recording studio without preconceptions of where the music would travel. The result is “Western Skies – Eastern Dreams,” a thrilling collection of improvisation-based pieces long on virtuosity, near telepathic musical interplay and rhythmic/melodic aspects of the musical traditions of India, Africa and the Middle East, as interpreted through a Western ethos.

Why?: The music is transcendent and transportive. As the artists write in the disc’s liner notes, these pieces are “a congealed collective of our body/mind/spirit and musical DNAs.” Brave, exciting and often beautiful.

What’s next?: Terzic and Padmanabha perform at 8 p.m. Saturday in Shakti Yoga (133 Grant St.). Admission is $10.

– Jeff Miers