FORESTVILLE – Former Mayor Charles Brewster was appointed as the new superintendent of water and streets for the village Tuesday night after an executive session of the Village Board that went late into the evening.

Brewster, who was selected from a field of 17 candidates, replaces William Bentzoni, who resigned in September.

Mayor Beth Bowker said Brewster’s qualifications were extensive, noting that he has a commercial driver’s licenses as well as a good mechanical background. She said Brewster no longer operates the service station in the village full time and that he will devote all his time to the village position.

Bowker said a committee narrowed the field to four people who were under consideration by the full board Tuesday. Trustee Linda Aures voted against Brewster’s appointment.

Several residents asked that John Carpenter, a village employee, be considered for the post. Bowker said that the board members appreciated Carpenter’s work but that Brewster had a stronger resume.

Bowker also said that it was not true that Brewster resigned from his post as mayor to be able to take the full-time job. She said Brewster moved outside the village limits, and that disqualified him from being mayor, but not his new appointment, which begins Monday.