Tax cuts for wealthy?won't improve nation

Mitt Romney's vision is for the new American feudalism. He keeps saying on the campaign trail that he doesn't believe in "trickle-down government." What he is not saying is that his platform of tax cuts for the wealthy is another installment of the march back toward aristocracy, in which the wealthy ask the poor to trust them; that their generosity and their altruism will be enough to take care of them. The problem is that not all of the 1 percent are as generous as Bill Gates.

Clearly some people have not read history, nor are they aware of the lives that were lost, directly and indirectly, to bring the middle class into existence, and to keep it in a position where it can compete with the powerful, wealthy and politically influential forces of the 1 percent.

Say what you want about President Obama, but he envisions an America where we little folk don't have to beg the wealthy for a chance to succeed; it can come from hard work, perseverance and a little help from society (i.e. roads, bridges and regulations that prevent the big guys from crushing the little guy). The same cannot be said for Romney and Paul Ryan.

Joshua E. Dubs, Esq.

North Tonawanda


Romney won't protect? poor and middle class

Despite Gov. Mitt Romney's policy reversals and disavowal of previously stated positions, the choice in the presidential election should be clear. Regardless of who wins the White House, the next administration must and will address the debt and deficit by a combination of measures, including tax reform and spending cuts.

The question is: Who do you trust to reform the tax code and cut spending in a balanced, fair manner while protecting the poor and the middle class? Do those who support Romney and Paul Ryan realize they're voting to end Medicare; block grant Medicaid; privatize Social Security; voucherize education; restrict women's rights; decimate regulations protecting the environment, consumers and investors; and endorse tax breaks that will disproportionately benefit the wealthy while eliminating tax deductions popular with the average American?

Joanne Choboy



Let's hope Collins? doesn't fool voters

To those in the 27th Congressional District, please don't be fooled by Chris Collins. Hopefully, voters watched the debates and are well-informed. I only wish that Kathy Hochul represented my district. I would vote for her, although I am a registered Republican.
I had the opportunity to work under Collins and if you think that Washington is dysfunctional now, Collins would make it 100 percent worse. Why would anyone vote for someone who couldn't even get re-elected county executive? The columnists were right on target when they said he lost because of his arrogance. Do you remember his concession speech, where he said that he had "dabbled in politics and it was fun," but he was done with it? I don't consider the economy funny. While Collins was slashing services and laying people off, there was an article about his wife taking ballroom dancing lessons at home.

Did you hear him hesitate during the debates, when asked if he could work with President Obama? He talks in circles. Hochul has done a great job for Western New York, and will continue to do so when re-elected.

Bonnie Johnson



Collins' time in office ?was nightmare for county

As an employee of the Erie County Department of Social Services while Chris Collins was the county executive, it is hard to believe that he is actually a viable candidate for Congress. I would encourage all voters of the 27th District to reflect back on "King Collins'?" record before voting in November.

As I remember it, Collins worked hard at alienating rank-and-file union members. He worked hard at eliminating jobs and programs. Collins was proud of the fact that he was responsible for eliminating somewhere in the neighborhood of 900 county jobs, only to have many of them restored because it was virtually impossible to adhere to state mandates without adequate staffing.

Collins was tyrannical in his running of Erie County government. It was his way, and if you didn't agree with him, you were invited to file a lawsuit – most of which Collins lost at great expense to taxpayers. Collins was adept at insulting women, veterans, the handicapped and state officials. Make no mistake, Collins is first and foremost a self-serving egomaniac who will, in the event he is elected, be an embarrassment to Western New York.

Rosie Evans



Obama had his chance, ?and he failed miserably

It's been four years. He had his chance. It's time to end this.

President Obama may well be the most unqualified, unaccomplished, unprepared, unsuited man ever to be elected president. He was elected on a wave of fantasy, propelled by a creepy cult of personality and the almost complete abdication by the news media of their investigative responsibility. He was never going to be up to the job.

His administration has been responsible for a huge stimulus that accomplished little but added massively to our debt, a health care bill that most people didn't want and was built on lies, and a financial regulation bill that ignored government's role in the financial collapse and was written by some of legislators most responsible for it. His energy policy has been to thwart domestic production in favor of crony green energy schemes that keep failing. His foreign policy has been to snub our allies and reach out to our enemies, who have responded to the outreach with disdain. The successes he's had in the war on terror have been possible by following the policies created by President George W. Bush – ones that he criticized as a senator.

Obama's campaign has been reduced to silly trivialities such as Big Bird and binders. He's spent. He's done. He doesn't even propose a real agenda for another term. It's time to end this on Nov. 6.

Matthew Bartle



President doesn't know ?much about the military

Yes, the U.S. Marines and Army do use bayonets, and in the Afghan war our special forces and Northern Alliance used horses to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Aircraft carriers need support ships for a carrier group like destroyers, cruisers, frigates and a submarine. If not nuclear, they need a refueling ship, too.

President Obama is commander in chief and doesn't know this?

James Ziolkowski

U.S. Navy, 1982-1992



Does anyone believe? Hochul is independent?

Rep. Kathy Hochul's "just look it up" ad and her campaign claiming "independence" appear to be effective on the surface. She has, in fact, at times voted with the Republicans against the Obama administration, but let's look behind that.

The congresswoman is a Democrat in a heavily Republican district who was facing an election in the near future. It's common practice for members of Congress, in her position, to vote against their party on legislation that is heavily favored to go the other way, in fact, many times casting their vote after the faith of the bill has already been decided. This allows them to come back to their district and claim independence because they voted against their party, without actually affecting the Democratic Party goals.

Is Hochul really independent? Based on her previous history and party affiliation, my guess is that if a bill actually has a chance of passing, or the Democrats were to regain control of the house, she'll be in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and President Obama.

Al Grabowski



Hochul ads attacking? Collins are shameful

The 27th Congressional District race has become one of the dirtiest, most mean-spirited races in recent memory. Both sides have made unsubstantiated claims against each other. Rep. Kathy Hochul's recent ads concerning the Buffalo China closure have gone beyond an acceptable level of decency.

The Buffalo News stated both of her ads are misleading. To attack someone's character for actually risking his own money to try to keep jobs in the area that were already terminated by the closure of the business is just plain wrong. Shame on Hochul for continuing to approve the airing of these two misleading commercials.

Ken Heer



Poloncarz misled ?Erie County voters

Why do local voters continually put up with being misled by our politicians? Do some promises border on white lies? What caught my attention the most was The News article dated Oct. 16, "Proposed tax hike lands with a legislative thud."

Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz promised he had no intention to raise taxes during his last campaign, and now he wants to raise property taxes by 3.4 percent just one year later. Maybe Poloncarz (previously county comptroller) knows that without that one little stance on raising taxes that we would still have County Executive Chris Collins running the show like a successful business. Somebody should ask Poloncarz if he would raise the county sales tax in order to keep the Buffalo Bills in town; I predict that he will.

Most of us put a premium on dealing with people of integrity in our everyday lives. Does anybody still wonder why our most precious businesses and taxpayers are leaving this part of the state in droves?

Tom Colligan