Here’s a twist on dinner and a show. A pair of Latino specialty menus, featuring Colombian and Puerto Rican cuisine, will kick off a dinner at 6 p.m. Nov. 3 in Ashker’s Juice Bar (1002 Elmwood Ave., 886-2233) to benefit Amor and Heritage Traditional Dance Company.
Organized by MarCe Zerrate, the event gives diners a rare chance to try authentic Colombian arroz con pollo (rice with chicken) and other fare crafted by Colombian-born chefs Joaquin Aristizabal and Andrea Lugo.
Or, they can opt for arroz con gandules, pernil and ensalata de codito (rice with peas, shredded roast pork and macaroni salad), Puerto Rican cuisine from the hands of Luis Manuel Torrez and Migdalia Gonzalez. Zerrate said both pairs of cooks are skilled chefs who are donating their services for the fundraiser.
“All the food is traditional from their respective countries, with real sazon – flavor,” she said.
Zerrate, who is a dance instructor, too, said diners will get to watch her cut a few moves when she does a few traditional numbers with members of the dance company.
Tickets are $35 at Ashker’s.
– Andrew Z. Galarneau