Everybody knows Freddy and Jason. The hockey mask. The stereotypical shower scene. ?Looking for something a little more original to watch this Halloween? ?Try suspense, intricate plots and a smidgen of gore. ?With this list of unique contemporary films, you'll be well on your way to the most terrifying movie night ever.

1. "It"

If you're not already terrified of clowns, you surely will be after watching this flick. In a small town in Maine, "It," an omnipresent clown who can take the form of a person's greatest fear, resurfaces to torment townspeople. Although the movie is told through a series of flashbacks, the most bone-chilling part is the haunting voice of "It" and his large, pointy teeth. Even though this movie is often seen as a run-of–the-mill horror film, it has its emotional moments, touching on child abuse, racism and the death of a parent. The only disappointment in this film is the final scene, which seems too anticlimactic. Despite its lackluster ending, this movie will forever change the way you look at clowns.

2. "The Skeleton Key"

When a hospice worker, Caroline Ellis, finds a new position on a plantation, she soon discovers she is in for more than changing bedpans and administering medicine. Thus begins her journey into the supernatural world of "hoodoo." Although the first half of the movie is rather sluggish as Caroline uncovers secrets of the house, it is worth sitting through. Unlike "It," the best part of "Skeleton Key" is the edge-of-your-seat ending and the mind-boggling conclusion that will occupy one's mind for days. This sophisticated horror movie works with dark undertones and subtle spooks. In essence, this thriller is nothing short of … well, thrilling!

3. "The Sixth Sense"

If you're looking for a movie that combines mystery, horror and an unforgettable ending, then look no further. Bruce Willis plays a psychiatrist who takes on a new patient, Cole, who claims to "see dead people." The doctor's detached relationship with his wife is a second intriguing plot line as well. The most prominent element of this film, the intricate mystery, will keep the audience hooked until the end. Finding out why Cole sees dead people and why the doctor's marriage is in shambles will be sure to astonish viewers. The brief violence and gory ghosts give this blockbuster the cherry on top by creating that essential spook factor. In short, this film is sure to become a Halloween classic.

4. "War of the Worlds"

Ray Ferrier's rare weekend with his kids is cruelly interrupted by an alien invasion, but not the sweet and innocent kind – these aliens are literally out for blood. As Ray and his children flee, the tripods swoop down to zap innocent bystanders and, toward the end of the movie, abduct them. This flick has all the elements of a great blockbuster: above-average acting, top-notch special effects and a bone-chilling basement scene in which a tripod uses searches for the trio with long probes and camera sensors. The sheer sound of the probe is disturbing enough. Though this is not his best performance, Tom Cruise's latest off-camera drama will be all forgotten in this climactic blockbuster.

5. "House at the End of the Street (H.A.T.E.S.)"

My rule of thumb is to never watch a movie that has a dull trailer. However, "H.A.T.E.S." has shown me that there are exceptions to every rule. "Hunger Games" heroine Jennifer Lawrence stars in the recent stereotypical film about a teenage girl moving into a house near the site of a double homicide. Predictably, the acting from all characters, including Lawrence, is overdone and the first half hour of the movie is laughably amateurish. However, eventually this flick becomes as gripping as the others on this list. The movie's numerous plot twists shock viewers and keep them in suspense. By the film's conclusion, its rocky start is forgotten, and it seems silly that anyone could hate "H.A.T.E.S."

Cari Hurley is a junior at Williamsville North High School.