ATTICA – The fire involving recyclable materials at Hillcrest Industries was finally extinguished Sunday. the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced today.
The EPA remains on-site to arrange the plastic and glass piles to a manageable size to avoid re-ignition. A fire management and temperature monitoring plan will be in place until the material is processed and removed from the site.
On Sept. 29, the EPA began work to put out the fire. Since then, nearly 49,000 cubic yards of material was moved and, where necessary, cooled. There is still some visible steam coming from parts of the pile, as the material is warmer than the outside air, officials said.
Recent results of air monitoring show no detectable levels of volatile organic compounds. Levels of particles have also been very low throughout most of the work, the EPA said. Data from previous lab-analyzed results are posted on the EPA’s website at and will be updated as the agency gets more results.